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No description

Taylor Fairbanks

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Glidden

(yo we'll solve it) What's the
problem? In order to increase market share, Glidden needs to increase brand awareness and brand consideration. Critical Factors Short campaign period and budget Broad
Audience Selling paint at Walmart Our Target Audience Advertising Objectives Increase brand
consideration of Glidden
paint at Walmart Change consumer perception of paint department at Walmart Media Mix Color That's
Larger Than Life Earned Owned Buzz from the guerrilla marketing featuring the big furniture

Buzz and uploads from social Traditional Social Inspired by Nature
Designed by You Color That's Larger than Life Improve consumer awareness of Glidden paint at Walmart A World
Without Paint Colorless world Carried out in more artistic form Created naturally
Used practically How natural colors
translate to paint Shows how Glidden can vastly
improve simple objects Highlights biggest benefit:
Price Regionality (kinda) Not so traditional GUERRILLA Copy Testing Pre-testing: Copy Testing: Post-Testing Test Markets in major cities Brand attitudes and awareness Coincidental Surveying Test breakthrough ability and persuasion power Brand linkage tests
Persuasion tests Competitors Marketing Objective market share 3% Seasonality CREATIVE CONCEPTS (Please see beautiful creation) 5 6 7 8 9 2014 QUESTIONS?
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