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About Me

No description

Robin Prichard

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of About Me

Robin Nicole
Where I Am From
Born in
Huntington, West Virginia

Raised in Kentucky
On May 23 , 1997
About Me
By: Robin Prichard
16 years old
My Mentor
& My Hero
This took me forever to decide,
but I realized I look up to both
my mommy & my cousin, Shea.
I see them both as my
How I want to be remembered:
Being An Amazing Aunt
Honest, Loving Person
A good friend
If I had a superpower I would
want the ability to read peoples'

In twenty years...
I see myself married & with kids, doing the
job that I've always hoped for.
Just enjoying My Life!
Nurse Anesthetist
Someone people can look up to
role model for my niece
All these things make me who I am today
16 years old
I'm a Junior at Elliott County High School
Daisies are
important to me
I brush Brunette &
I see through Blue
I play Flute, Piccolo & Piano
For college, I want to attend KCU in Grayson
Then I'll attend an anesthesiology school
I want to be a
Nurse Anesthetist
My true color is blue
I like to play Xbox
I'm a music addict
I collect Fairy figurines
I love to read & write
I have one brother who is 16 years older than me
I have one niece, two nephews, & another on the way
Friends & Family
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