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your brain at work

Yogeesh HK

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Brain

Your brain at work Your Brain at work Working memory Prefrontal Cortex What is 1+1, 10+10 What is 56+1678 Stop thinking on other things and put some effort on this!! Stage is small. Limited resource. Three Levels of thinking Level 1 - Deleting e-mails
Level 2 - Scheduling a meeting
Level 3 - Writing a resolution, decision making The skittish limbic brain! Reward Threat Brain cannot handle too much of information at the same time Multitasking is myth You can hold many chunks but perform only one conscious task at a time Pre-frontal Cortex - Limitations Prefrontal Cortex - Solution Clear your mind
Think of priorities for the day
Write down the priorities (rather than to memorize it)
Categorize it
Use visuals where ever it is possible
Try to focus on one task at one time Interest.
Solution focused.
Global view.
Connection focused.
Engaged. Uncertainty.
Problem focused.
Tunnel vision.
Data focused.
Disengaged. ARIA Model – Problem Solving • Stop actively thinking about problem
• Relax
• Do something fun to reduce anxiety
• Feel happy & motivated
• Come back & look at the problem at high level (Simplify the problem)
• Think differently
• Focus on solution Techniques Over come disadvantages of limbic system Start observing the internal process & emotional state of my mind.
Practice noticing emotions as they as they arise.
Labeling helps to reduce arousal of limbic system.
Labeling needs to be one word & symbolic.
Have the right Expectation. Reappraisal & Expectation Actively changing an automatic interpretation of a situation & thinking positively about the situation It is very important to have right expectation. Having right expectation helps us to stay calm, we will either not get too excited nor very depressed from any situation or result as it was already expected.
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