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Alexandra Pinto

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Introduction:

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
Teachers are responsible for knowing content standards as well as technology standards
ISTE Student Standards:
#5. Digital Citizenship
Buzzsprout, P. B. (2015, January 15). Mobile Learning: Why Tech Savvy Educators Are Turning to Podcasts. Retrieved September 13, 2016, from https://www.buzzsprout.com/blog/2015/01/15/mobile-learning/

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Five Things Teachers Should Know about ISTE Tech Standards. (2016-February 13). Retrieved September 13, 2016, from http://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/educator-tips/5-things-teachers-should-know-about-iste-tech-standards/

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The Importance of Information Technology Standards | RCHN CHF. (2016). Retrieved September 13, 2016, from http://www.rchnfoundation.org/?p=752
ISTE Teaching Standards:
Teachers should consistently research new ways to include the latest and greatest technologies in their classrooms to amplify student learning.
Encourage co-workers to become more technologically inclined in the classroom
Teachers should be involved in classes, seminars, and community learning opportunities to enhance their own uses of technology.
ISTE Lesson Plan:
ISTE Lesson Plans:
#5. Digital Citizenship Lesson:
#6. Technology Operations and Concepts Lesson:
Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments
Model digital age work and learning
Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
Engage in professional growth and leadership *
Creativity and innovation
Communication and collaboration
Research and information fluency
Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making
Digital citizenship *
Technology operations and concepts*
ISTE Standards for teachers:
ISTE Standards for Students:
The ISTE Standards are standards for the use of technology in teaching and learning.
There are teaching standards and student standards.
The student standards are skills expected of the students.
*Standards I will be discussing
#5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
#6. Technology Operations and Concepts
Understanding the norm of technology use
Allow safe, appropriate practice of technology within the classroom.
Positive attitudes towards using technology
Produce leadership using technologies
Students are expected to learn, use, understand technology.
Use the different applications efficiently
Use the knowledge you learned to learn and apply to new technologies
Technology in the classroom this day in age takes part in a huge role in the students learning. There are a few things to keep in mind when using technology standards:
Available Professional Resources
Administrative Responsibilities
Leading by Example
Digital Citizenship is concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately.
The podcasts focus on the famous battles of the Civil War. Each location also includes a detailed map, brief description, dates, and more.

Share the podcasts on your projector or interactive whiteboard. While listening to the podcast, project the map on the screen for students to view. After hearing a podcast, have students create blog entries from the perspective of the soldiers at the battle. In younger grades, brainstorm ideas together before they start writing the blog entry. Let them comment back to one another's blog post, playing the role of a relative waiting for that soldier at home.
: Students will demonstrate understanding of the human side of the civil war by writing blog posts.
Lincoln Lesson Idea: Pondering Podcasts
#5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
Student's will use multiple apps on tablet to enhance the learning experience to meet common core objectives

Five students a day will be able to use the tablets (about 30 minutes or in free time)

Inclusion in the classroom on technology in the classroom will start the second week of school (everyday) until the last week of school
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