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Sorority Fundraiser

No description

sar bo

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Sorority Fundraiser

combines a traditional for-profit business model with non-profit/philanthropic projects
Nu Skin uses a business philanthropy model.
What this means for you and your house...
We will show you how you can raise money for your house for trips, formals, mixers, etc., while supporting charitable projects.
There are 3 different ways to generate funds for your house. These events can be held separately, or they can be incorporated into any other events you have already planned.
Nu Skin is one of the world's leading anti-aging companies.
We were listed at #4 on Forbes' list of most trustworthy companies, which means that your house will be able to generate revenue with this model for years to come.
After 27 years of business, Nu Skin has won numerous awards for its breakthroughs in science as well as the development of innovative products.
Nu Skin's patented ageLOC science is unlike anything the beauty industry has ever seen before.
1. Spa Day
You can invite your friends, alumni, sisters, moms, and aunts to come.

We will come do free demos, facials, peels, and masques.
All the retail profit from any products purchased at the event will go directly to the house and can be used for trips, mixers, formals, or anything else the house decides.
In addition, as people continue to use the products, the house will continue to receive funds.
Instead of simply asking for donations you are providing high quality products, ones that are carried by top-rated dermotologists and spas, with profits staying with you instead of going to these other businesses.
We refer to this as "redirecting of spending".
We are able to target the source of aging at the genetic level, not just the signs of aging.
Here are some pictures to show you results people have gotten using our products.
What makes Nu Skin different?
Our future serum was rated #1 on TotalBeauty.com's list of Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products.
In 2010, Nu Skin was awarded a "Stevie" for Most Innovative Company at the American Business Awards
3. Nourish the Children Philanthropic Event
Host a health awarness day! We provide presentations about antioxidants, healthy eating, and supplements; you can include your favorite healthy snacks and drinks.
Get scanned with our biophotonic scanner to determine the antioxidant levels in your skin; your scanner score is a great indicater of your overall health.
Any retail profit from supplements sold will go directly to the house.
Researchers from Stanford University developed a dietary meal for malnourished and starving people.
Vitameal combines the perfect proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins.
We have spent years working in Malawi, which is one of the most impoverished countries in the world . Last year not a single child died from malnutrition because of our efforts.
Donations to The Force for Good Foundation also fund schools for sustainable agriculture.

Your house can have a charity event where you cook the Vita Meal and everyone who attends can try it.
All donations will go to Nourish the Children.

Using Proactive for two years
2. Health Day using Pharmanex's Biophotonic Scanner
Using Clear Action for one and a half months
After 4 sets of Clear Action (5 1/2 months)

Continuously fundraise for trips and events
without having to constantly ask for donations.
Support various philanthropic projects by redirecting your health and beauty spending.
Experience products that combine the highest amounts of effective, natural ingredients, no toxic fillers, and unparalleled scientific research.

Nu Skin is an unmatched, unique opportunity for your house!
Acne Solutions
Galvanic Face Spa
We look forward to working with your house!
Hello! We would like to work with you and your house on a unique fundraising project.

Over the next few minutes, we will explain how we can help you raise money for your house to use towards formals, dinners, trips, events or even charitable causes without having to ask for donations and without the hassle of traditional fundraisers (e.g. car washes).
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