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Isabella Colbran Rossini:

No description

Anna Tonna

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Isabella Colbran Rossini:

Señora/Signora Rossini:
Celebrating the life of
Isabella Rossini Colbran

Spanish soprano, composer and muse
Isabella Colbran Rossini (1785-1845)
Isabella captivates the young Rossini when they meet in Naples in 1815.

She leaves her lover, the opera impresario of the San Carlo Opera
Domenico Barbaia
, and begins both a romantic and artistic collaboration with Rossini, creating
the roles of operas composed for her:
Elena in
La Donna del Lago
Elisabetta in
Elisabetta, Regina D'Inglhaterra
Desdemona in
, and the title role
in the operas
The celebrity couple
become the toast of Europe's opera world...
Isabella Colbran Rossini: Composer
Divaria Productions presents a Performance event that celebrates the life and artistry of Isabella Colbran Rossini
Divaria Productions
collaborates with the
Prof. Sergio Ragni
, author of the recent biography of Isabella Colbran Rossini, to create a performance event that unites music, theatre and history, telling the story of this figure, who has impacted the history of Opera in an indelible way.
The evening is comprised of songs composed by Madame Colbran, as well as arias and duets from the Italian neoclassical period by forgotten composers Colbran sang, such as
Portogallo, Piccini
i as well as from
operas with
piano and harp
Born in Madrid (Spain), Colbran become a
Diva Assoluta
by age 20, and was the first soprano of Teatro San Carlo in Naples

Described as a dramatic coloratura and a
"soprano sfogatta"
, she premiered roles by Italian neo-classical composers such as
Spontini, Farinelli and Portogallo
in the early 19th century.
Isabella Colbran, Muse and creator of roles in the operas of Giaocchino Rossini

Descriptions of Colbran's voice describe the timbre as "sweet, mellow" with a rich middle register. Rossini's music for her suggests perfect mastery of trills, half-trills, staccato, legato, ascending and descending scales, and octave leaps.
Isabella Colbran is a gifted composer, penning
several collections of songs for voice with pianoforte and harp accompaniment, dedicated to the Queen of Spain and Empress of Russia her teacher Crescenti, and the Prince Eugène de Beauharnais.
An Italian actor will personify Colbran's
ex lover, the opera impresario Domenico Barbaia, uniting theatre and music to narrate the life and artistry of Isabella Colbran Rossini.
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