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The Structure and Dynamics of International Development Assistance

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Michele Coscia

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Structure and Dynamics of International Development Assistance

The Structure and Dynamics
of International Development Assistance Michele Coscia, Ricardo Hausmann & César A. Hidalgo Inequality between countries in 1820 Inequality across countries today vs. Matching each organization
with each country
and each issue
(.5 Million combinations) Matching each couple of organizations
with each country and each issue
(87 Million combinations) Matching triplets of organizations
with countries and issues
(13 Billion combinations) How does aid coordination
happen now? Round Tables (11+ million pages on the web)

Consultative group (1.5+ million pages on the web)

Aid Coordination (300 thousand pages on the web) The inefficiency of
a hierarchical approach Increasing
costs Self organization
with scale free networks
keeps the space more compact Bolivia & Microenterprise Organization Rankings Country Ranking Issue Ranking The proliferation of states Let's tell a story Microenterprise Int. Coop. &. Dev. Fund. Job Creation Allows us to look at what issues, countries and institutions talk about We design a targeted crawling procedure We obtain the strength of organization-country-issue associations France UK Belgium Germany Italy The origin of
International Development Who talks about Microenterprise Who talks about Bolivia Is it possible to explore
& coordinate this space
through central planning? Organizations related to Bolivia Organizations related to Bolivia's issues Issues salient in Bolivia Issues salient to Organizations
with interests in Bolivia De jure Millennium Development Goals Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger,
Achieving universal primary education,
Promoting gender equality and empowering women
Reducing child mortality rates,
Improving maternal health,
Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases,
Ensuring environmental sustainability, and
Developing a global partnership for development Poverty Reduction
Strategy Paper Consultative groups
and roundtables De Facto? Central Planning

Self Organization What? Allows us to search the web for co-appearances of countries, issues and organizations.

We develop a targeted crawling procedure to count these co-appearances.

We use these numbers to evaluate the strength of the connections between them. Making self organization easier How?
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