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How I see the Future of WIND Telecommunication

Wind Telecommunication - Vimpelcom Group contest


on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of How I see the Future of WIND Telecommunication

because the
Energy we need
exists within
our System A new Attitude
Behavior From one of the principle laws of physics... The
Law of Conservation
of Energy "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed
but can change from one form to another." Albert Einstein 1. A Big Change WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO we strongly believe in WHAT we do, in HOW we do it,
in the PEOPLE we do it with The Challenge:
A New Way to Work A new Work-Life
Balance concept More "grey areas" where the borderline between work and private life is not always clear
Breaking the barriers of time and space
Forgetting the concept of Work Times Working to feed passions and explore personal interests Flexibility Taking time off from work when you need. It helps recharge your batteries and clear your head, increasing productivity. And there are no vacation "spikes"... TAKING THE TIME YOU NEED... CREATING A FLEXIBLE WORKPLACE... FOSTERING INNOVATION
Discover the Scientist Within You Open to all employees
Multi-disciplinary projects to transform the present and discover the future
All workers from all over the world together to express their creativity
Enhance projects with own inspiration, experience, competences, capabilities, enthusiasm, creativity... WIND New Ideas Factory How will evolve the markets
we operate in? what's the killer application of the future? How to improve what we do? ...imagining WIND Dream Ville WIND New Ideas Factory
Manifesto ..from new "behavioral business models.":
"..These models go beyond asking how we can make what we
make better and cheaper, or asking how we can do what we do faster. They are about asking why we do what we do to begin with. And the question of why is almost always tied to the question of how markets behave." Source: "Innovation Isn't About New Products, It's About Changing Behavior"; FAST COMPANY; July 31, 2012. How I see the future? Other influential Academics, Philosophers and Physicists have examined the way some underlying substance in all matter and energy itself remains constant over time... From ancient philosophers as far back as Thales of Miletus.... ...to Leibniz Thales of Miletus, Greek c. 624 BC – c. 546 BC Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, German 1646 - 1716 And so... Because we share the same WHY You can always find a way to work smart when
you're away, both enjoying yourself and
staying on top of the job enhance personal development and growth
making us more motivated, open-minded, smarter and inspired Continuous learning through training, cultural programs and Masters
Dynamic workplace The Benefits
of an open interaction: Sharing our lives within and beyond work... The Smart City by WIND Going global ...to thrive on inspiration for the community of WIND First of all, remember to...
why is it so important for us? Because we share the same VALUES Because we share the same PHILOSOPHY To be inspired is great To inspire is incredible ..which new
communication channels? Where new opportunities? So what's next? ..who's next Y generation? ..new adopters.. ..changing innovation models adoption.. ....changes in Customer Behavior... ..e-commerce evolution.. Enthusiasm Experience Competence Creativity AMUSE YOURSELF AMAZE OTHERS of space... ...and time It's a way of life 2. The Challenge 1. The question is... Because..... 2. Passion is our life and feeding it means
increasing the value of our work Total responsibility
for our work and our achievements ...AS LONG AS YOU GET YOUR JOB DONE ...GOING WHERE WE NEED, GOING GLOBAL Beyond the boundaries inspiration from interaction different cultures, backgrounds
and experiences To thrive on innovation... TIME SPACE LIFESTYLE INNOVATION R&D cross functional Department: Video by Padraig Hyland
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