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Agile Development presented @ http://kosovoinnovations.org/

Fabio Biscaro

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Scrum

Scrum! Working together Why SCRUM? Mr Smith calls an architect The builders make the house The architect makes a plan Mr Smith wants a house Flashback: Building a house Mr Smith confirms the plan Project done! What happens
with software?!? Mr Smith calls a software architect The developers make the web site The architect makes a plan Mr Smith wants a web site Mr Smith confirms the plan Project done? ? ? What will Mr Smith say when he sees the website? This functionality sucks!!! This doesn't make sense! I didn't mean that! I wont pay you for something that's useless to me! This software house sucks! Everybody did his best so... Why? What does Mr Smith think? Web Site They cannot make websites... Mr Smith is crazy and my team sucks Ms Smith and the PM are crazy Different
perspectives Mr Smith PM Team House Web Site Difficulty Exerience Complex Well known problem New problem The problem is different! Difficult (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Can't be changed Can be changed Result To solve the problem people tried to... ...have the best Software Architect ...have the best PM ...have the best team ...write thousand articles contracts ...check the team every minute ...write thousand pages specifications Here comes Scrum! Beliefs: we are all people! People make mistakes! People don't know what they want! There are no failures, just results! People want to have fun! People are motivated when they work for a cause! Principles: look for perfection! Take responsability for everything, do not choose something because someone told you to do that Others can help you You need to understand things in order to use them Learn to say "and" instead of "but" In SCRUM we learn! We need rules and we can change them A group makes things a single person cannot do! tools process people Empower People! Product Owner Every person has his strenghts and weaknesses! Team Scrum Master Intruders Can be the PM... Gives priorities Helps to weight the stories in story points Best of all: can be the customer! Writes the Stories Avoid Intruders!
Listen to people... and make your choices! Has vision The driver Makes the rules Knows the rules Facilitator Solve conflicts Policy maker Policeman The sensor Check the schedule Clock Drives the team towards the target Sample: Prepare a dinner find stories... weight stories... set priorities... The engine A new being name motto life Makes the job Can call for help when needed no external consultant If one fails the whole group fails United Balanced ego outside the door Use of pair programming for big issues Fabio Biscaro Sample: Prepare a dinner Weight tasks in terms of time "Build a panel to drive the company" Main stories Find out the indicators the management wants, 8
Build the main web site with fake indicators, 4
Build the first indicator, 4
Build each indicator, 4 * no
Backup data, 1
Prepare presentation for the steering commitee, 4 "Build a panel to drive the company" Main tasks, 1st Iteration Find out the indicators the management wants
discuss with the client and map all the indicators, 16, Chelsey
choose main indicators and how to create them, 8, Chelsey
create single documentation for each chosen indicator, 24, Chelsey
Build the main web site with fake indicators
Configure the developement server, 8, Arbnor
Install Pentaho, 4, Arbnor
Build fake web site, 16, Arbnor
Build first indicator
Analyze client database with the client IT, 24, Arbnor How long it takes to do something? Split story in activities Each story is composed of activities Assign tasks Each task needs to be assigned to someone People can make just one thing per time! Define sprint size & output Sprint size: 1 week, First output: fake site and main documentation Duration & Output Sample: Prepare a dinner Do we have all the skills we need? Check schedule Is it ok? Are there any problems? Do we need something? Are we all committed? "Build a panel to drive the company" Go back and check your schedule! Empower Process! Define the target and the main purpose
Everybody must partecipate
The teammates presents themselves Empower Tools! Product backlog Sprint backlog Burndown chart Other tools Defines the Main Stories Keeps track of what is done and what is left to do Can be changed after every iteration Sample: Prepare a dinner next iterations... conclusion... iteration feedbacks... final review! "Build a panel to drive the company" Main tasks, Iteration no xxx Build others indicators
build indicator no 4, Arbnor, 8
build indicator no 5, Arbnor, 8
modify indicator no 4, Arbnor, 4
setup backup, Arbnor, 4
Build the final presentation
Prepare prezi presentation, Chelsey, 24 Sprint size: 1 week, output: final project Kick off meeting Iteration Planning Output: Product backlog The SM checks the schedule
Problems are solved
Daily tasks are assigned
lasts 10 minutes! Output: Daily duties & Sprint burndown Daily meeting Release
PO gives his feedbacks
Everybody gives his feedbacks
Everybody talks about his experience Output: Feedback data sheet Iteration review The software is delivered
Project feedback
Ideas to impreve the project are collected Output: Final suggestions and... let's cheer up!!! Conclusion Feedbacks form previous iterations are evaluated
Iteration tasks are created Define the Iteration Tasks Should not be changed during daily activities The meter of the Sprint The meter of the Project "Build a panel to drive the company" Iteration backlog "Build a panel to drive the company" Product Backlog What about quality? Mr Smith keeps changing idea! My team wastes a lot of time I'm going crazy I dont wanna see Mr Smith again! (He will see it for a long time!) I just want this project to finish What does PM think? Mr Smith keeps changing idea! Our PM follows everything Smith says: he's not good! I'm going crazy I dont wanna see Mr Smith again! (He will see it for a long time!) I just want this project to finish What does the team say? I want another PM ? ? I want a better team Result? Lot of money for very few improvements! Instead of changing the people...
Let's change the process! Every experience teaches us something! Scrum evolves! Iteration planning Output: Product backlog Tools: unit testing, selenium, ... Every week the client sees what's going on, no more "what the hell are you doing?" or "If you dont show me something tomorrow I will quit the contract"
Your mistakes cannot be bigger than 1 week
Feedbacks let people know each other and so the more the time passes the less mistakes are made
People learn how to make the project better and better every day
People with less experience learn how to code from others "There is not a single way to make scrum because if scrum is perfect it cannot evolve and it's not scrum!" Final words... Try it and make your own scrum! so... Quality is everywhere! People: there might be a person dedicated to quality assurance Process: every task has many status:
To do
In progress
To verify <-- here comes the quality!
To modify <-- here comes the quality!
Done Results? I as... want to... so that... fabio.biscaro@gmail.com
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