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Dior Presentation

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Rachel Okoro

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Dior Presentation

John Gallaiono & Raf Simons Introduction On February 12th 1947 Christian Dior presented his first collection. He became the most influential Designer of the late 1940s & 1950s
He was master of creating shapes and silhouettes. The Bar Suit is one of the iconic Pieces from Dior's first collect and modern versions of the suit continue to feature in Dior's collections today Conclusion Belgian Fashion Designer Raf Simons began his career as a Furniture designer.
In a radical change of profession Simons became a self trained menswear designer launching his own label in 1995
Due to Simons brand of minimalism and ability to reference contemporary art he was chosen as Creative Director of Jil Saunders in 1995 for whom he develop his first women's wear collection. Raf Simons first Collection was seen as a breath of fresh air and a Clean Slate for Dior. Raf Simons ' My Dream? To make women happier and more beautiful'
Christian Dior After Christian Diors death, a number of Artistic Directors took over the global fashion house. Each bringing their own interpretation to Diors signature Styles and Designs

The Most recent Artistic Directors
John Galliano & Raf Simons With 15 years as Creative Director, John Galliano will always be Revered for his contribution to Dior
Despite the controversy at the end of his tenure Galliano will be remembered for how he embraced theater and femininity to seduce with his creations
Simons certainly has the talent to match Galliano and through his minimalistic approach to fashion he can bring Dior in another direction and into the 21st century. Dior’s future looks bright with Simons as creative designer with an increase in sales already and with the promise that Simons wants to get back to Christian Dior’s wish and obsession of creating serious wearable clothes.

Simons wants to put the emotion back into clothes, look past the surface and get to the heart of things. Simons tenure is the dawn of the new fashion era. John Galliano John Galliano launched his own label in 1984 and was named British Designer of the year in 1987 and 1994
Under the financial backing of Facyal Amor, he moved his label to Paris
Thanks to Anna Wintor, Galliano received funding for his first Autumn Winter collection, this was a defining moment in his Career
After spending a year as Head Designer for Givenchy he was offered a position as Creative Director of Christian Dior Galliano produced his first Dior dress which was a midnight blue negligée for Princess Diana to wear to the Met Ball in December, 1996. Galliano revolutionised Dior, taking it away from its traditional and conservative attitudes. His early collections for Dior were inspired by The Matrix, Lauryn Hill and LA girl gangs. Dior was invigorated by Galliano and had a new feminine and sexy image For Simons’ first collection (Fall Haute Couture 2012), he was imbued with “nostalgia for the future”
Simons charged himself to make Dior more than a brand that functions for a special event
‘He ( Christian Dior) wanted his clothes to be on the street, he was fascinated by women, their culture and mentality’. Simons’ first collection at Dior was described as beautiful and deeply respectful of the house codes set by Dior some 60 years earlier. The designer has been hailed by the press as one of the most talented in the world of fashion. His style is precise, incisive, rigorous, and architectural- in this sense, he connects with the spirit of tailored, Christian Dior’s original collections. April 2012, saw Simons announced as the creative director of Christian Dior. Dior believed that Simons would be the designer to rejuvenate its serve of beauty and declare its standing in the world. John Galliano and Raf Simons come from very different backgrounds. However their strong vision and technical skill enable them to convey an innovative and personal collection on the Dior runway
Both men have experience in Menswear with Galliano working for Tommy Nutter on Saville Row and Simons a self-trained menswear designer launched his Raf Simons label in 1995. They were both ensconced in international fashion brands before being appointed to Dior, Galliano went to Givenchy in 1996 while Simons built a strong reputation at Jil Sander. Galliano recalled “They thought I was a punk who was coming here to chop down this beautiful tree”. However his exceptional technical skills and a reverence for the house codes soon charmed the ateliers who began to adapt their age-old techniques to his vision. When Simons was appointed it was thought his aesthetic was too streamlined and minimalist for the ultra feminine Dior, however he won over the critics and his first collection was described as a ‘a beautiful homage to Dior, a mix of the modern, clean and unexpected with a real lightness of touch’. John Galliano V Raf Simons Galliano and Simons contrasting personalities can be seen on the runway, Galliano was renowned for taking his bow as Napoleon or as a Flamenco dancer, whereas the fashion press barely knew what Simons looked like. However Simons does have a voice and in Australian vogue stated "I have so much respect for Johns technical skill and the fantasy, it's just something that I don't find relevant now, especially when it restricts a woman. 'The New Look' was the major shift in post war fashion

Dior's Signature Style was made up of certain key elements: Full and mid lenth skirts, waspy waists, bustier-styled bodices and excess material to accentuate the feminine hourglass figure. He focused on the 1950s by playing with some of Christian Dior's famous Silhouettes
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