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Henry Hudson's life

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ufjcyjy hvyhvk

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Henry Hudson's life

By: Eugene and Gursimar Henry Hudson Henry Hudson's Childhood Thank you for Watching Henry Hudson was born in the late 1500 in the town of London in England. He wasn't known to go to a school. Hudson became a cabin boy at
the age of 16, then worked his way up to captain. Little is known about his childhood. He was told to find a shorter route for trade by the Muscovy Company to trade with Asia. It was unsuccessful. Instead, he was blocked off by pieces of ice. He found new land that we now call the Spitsbergen island. It was an area with lots of whales and fish. People came and started fishing there after the 1st voyage After failing the first voyage, he had to go and try again. Three months later from the first voyage, they set off on their second voyage. They had to do the same job as last time. On that voyage, he was a European that sailed the farthest north on boat. He also found a river that he called the Hudson River. Expedition 2 (1608) Expedition 3 (1608) Y Cabin Boy Years He was a cabin boy at 16, but got promoted to
apprentice seven years later. By 1607, Henry Hudson became a experienced sailor as well as a captain of a ship Family He had about 14 brothers and about 5 sisters.
His grandfather(also called Henry Hudson) was a founding member of a trade called Muscovy Trading Company.
He was born in a wealthy family! He had no other jobs other than being a sailor Family 2 Henry Hudson married a woman named Katherine in 1592. They had three sons named Richard, John and Oliver. John went with his father on all of his father's four voyages. Expedition 1 (1607) Spitsbergen
Island True mission He went on four voyages to find a shorter route to trade with Asia. He traveled by boat for all the voyages. He found: Hudson Bay, the Hudson River, the Hudson Strait and the Spitsbergen islands. Without money, he asked the dutch for money for his next expedition. They gave him the money to find a short route to Asia again. But he had different plans...
Instead he went and traveled around North America(they called it the New World). He didn't attempt to go find a short route because of the things that happened on his second voyage. There were natives that killed one of his men. He also past the island we now call Manhattan. Trade Henry found some natives on the province we now call Nova Scotia. They traded different assortments with the natives. They continued their voyage south. Final Expedition (1610) He goes onto his last voyage with the money coming from the english. He went to Greenland first, then went through a strait that he called the Hudson Strait.
At the end of the strait was what he called Hudson Bay. It was winter at the time and they had to stay in the boat in Hudson Bay. They got scurvy for lack of vitamin c. After winter, Hudson wanted to continue, but got abandoned in a small boat from his crew. NO ONE EVER SAW HIM EVER AGAIN! Abandoned Hudson was abandoned by his crew in a small boat, but he wasn't the only one that was abandoned.
His son and several other members were abandoned
for being loyal with Hudson.
The rest of the people on the big boat left them adrift.
A portion of the people on the big boat survived, while the others died, probably from diseases. U are Supergoku102
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