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American Heroes Powerpoint Project

No description

Grace Pigford

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of American Heroes Powerpoint Project

American Heroes PowerPoint Project By: Grace Pigford Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas Basic Information About Gabby Her birthday is December 31 1995. She was born to Natalie Hawkins(mom) and Timothy Douglas(dad) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has three siblings. Arielle, Jonathan, and Joyelle Douglas. Education Gabby is currently home schooled. She is a sophomore (10th grade). Her host mom was home schooling her in Iowa. She is looking to go to college as well since she is nearing the end to high school. She wants to go to Spelman college. Important Events in Gabby's life Gabby's first experience with gymnastics is when she was 3 years old and perfecting her cartwheel. With the help of her older sister Arielle a year later Gabby could do her cartwheel correctly as well as do a one handed cartwheel. At 6 years old Gabby was enrolled in gymnastics by the persuasion of her older sister. Two years later she was named the Virginia State gymnastics champion. At age 14 Gabby left her family and town to go to Iowa to train with Liang Chow who was known for sculpting Shawn Johnson into a world champion. While she was there she found a host mo with 4 daughters who were also training with chow. She acted as an older sister towards them. She trained hard and won many medals which ultimately led up to her being chosen to represent the U.S in the Summer Olympics. How is my hero important to American history? Gabby Douglas became the first African American winner of the all-round olympics. It also was the first time any American won a gold medal in both a team and an individual title in the same Olympics. Why is my hero important to American history? Because she showed kids all around the world that you can follow your dreams. That you can do what ever your heart desires and you stick with it and eventually your hard work will pay off. Gabby Douglas is a true American hero to everyone, being 16 and a world champion is an accomplishment that shows people everywhere that they can follow their dreams as well. More things about Gabby In September 2012 Nintendo announced that Gabby would be an new ad campaign for the Super Mario Mario Bros. Gabby also led the pledge of allegiance for the 2012 National Democratic Convention on September 4.In December 2012 Douglas released an inspirational autobiography, titled Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith. Additional Background Information Natalie Hawkins(mother) is in the process od divorcing Timothy Douglas(father). Her dad is an Air National Guard. Her mother is a recovery specialist. Her brother and sisters are all older than Gabby. Arielle Douglas was the first Douglas to enroll in gymnastics and eventually taught Gabby some basic moves. Arielle was the one who convinced Natalie to let Gabby sign up for gymnastics. That concludes my American Heroes PowerPoint Project:)
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