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Three Branches Of Government

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Shelby Eckhardt

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Three Branches Of Government

The Three Branches of Government
The Executive Branch
The Executive Branch is the branch that enforces the laws. If the President vetoes a law, then it will not become an official law, unless the Legislative Branch overrides it.
FEDERALISM: How Many Stores In One Place
Local Power: (Wellington Only) Chocolate Rose
State Power: (Colorado Only) BeauJo's Pizza
National Power: (US Only) TCBY
The Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch in our country is the branch that makes/writes the laws. It is broken into two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is elected based on Population while the Senate is elected by Equal Representation. Together, these two houses make up Congress.
The Judicial Branch
The Judicial Branch is made up of nine judges, who review the laws that the Legislative Branch wrote. If the law goes against the rules of our Constitution, then the judges can declare the law unconstitutional. If this happens, they send the bill back to the Legislative Branch, and it never becomes and official Law.
In the World of Cupcakes...
The Customer...
The Customer (President) can decide if he wants to buy (enforce) the cupcake (law) or if he doesn't want to buy it (veto).
In The Cupcake World...
The Food Critics...

The Legislative Branch has the power to impeach the President or override the President's veto on a law.
The Legislative Branch also has the power to impeach Judges and have them removed from Office.
The Cupcake:
AKA: The Law
The Baker:
AKA: The Senate
The Ingredients:
AKA: The House of Representatives
AKA: The Justices
The Food Critics decide whether or not the cupcake is good enough to sell, as the Justices decide if a law is unconstitutional.
The Judicial Branch has the power to declare a law unconstitutional, as well as declare a Presidential Act unconstitutional.
Here, the law (cupcake) is passed on to the Executive Branch (customer).
The Executive Branch can veto a law.
The Executive Branch also picks the Judges in the Judicial Branch.
AKA: The President/Executive Branch
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