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Recreation Center Rennovation

No description

Amanuel Zelalem

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Recreation Center Rennovation

Recreation Center Renovation
Table of Contents
1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Description of Project
4. Design Brief
5. Code Regulations
6. Engineering Calculations
7. Floor Plan
8. Second Floor Plan
9. Section View
10. Elevation Views
11. 3D View
12. Schedules
Description of Project
The Keystone Library area was bought in order to place a recreation center in the community. The recreation center had to have some aspects of the previous building as well as following all of Noblesville's building codes. The area is 6.67 acres, with state highway 37 to one side and Cumberland road to its left.
Design Brief
Problem Statement: The Keystone Library area has been bought but now needs to be developed on
Design Statement: Design and plan a renovation of the Keystone library to create a recreational center.
Criteria: Must have parts of the original building, must be able to service all of the people who would go to that center, must be designed on revit.
Constraints: Must follow Noblesville's building codes, it must fit into the area of land given, and it cannot allow runoff to go into other property.
Code Regulations
Building Height: The maximum height for my rec center was 4 stories/50ft, and my height was 2 stories/39ft.
Occupancy Load: The required occupancy load for my rec center was 1 occupant per 50 sq ft, and since my building was 22,575 sq ft, its max occupancy is 451 people.
Required Exits: There needed to be one within 125ft of any point in the building, so I created exits in the building.
Zoning Designation: General Business
Permitted Use: A recreational center is permitted on the land area. (Planned Business Zoning Permit)
Floor Plan
My rec center is energy efficient, as it has many windows to allow sunlight to heat the building. It also has a opening near the front of the building, allowing for easier ventilation. The hardest part of the project was trying to keep components of the original building while still meeting your needs. If I had more time, I would show the plumbing system of the building in greater detail. A new career path that I learned was a site planner, which is where a person looks at codes and regulations to make sure the project meets all of the requirements.
By: Amanuel Zelalem
Second Floor Plan
Section View
Elevation Views
3D View
Accessible Second Floor
Accessible entrance (36" x 84")
Accessible bath
Site Plan
Site Plan
24 ft width
Screened trash enclousure
13. Site Plan
14. Site Plan (Zoomed in)
15. Conclusion
Engineering Calculations
Floor: Composite Slab Design 10' span length, 3.5' slab thick.

Volume of pond: V= .2 x 6.67 = 1.334 acres-ft
205 Parking Spaces
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