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Dariga Esembaeva

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of NLP




CONCLUSION What is NLP??? Founders ofr NLP:

John Grinder and Richard Bendler WHY it is needed??? NLP techniques enable:

To copy behaviors of successful sales managers
To help a person to get to know himself better and to make concrete goals in his life
To correct actions during the communication with clients
To get rid of unconfidence; and to overcome fears
To make a good and right decisions
To feel mode of a client
To examine any problem from different points of view
To be effective in many spheres of life
five key levels of Sales NLP such as:
Adjusting is a copying behavior of a client, aiming to design a comfortable communication and to increase a probability of efficient sales

three types of adjusting:
mirroring of pose & behavior
copying of breath
adjust to tone of a client’s voice

open a client
Do not close yourself

Closed Poses:

1.Crossed hands
2.Pose”crossing on leg over another”
3.Back of a chair, when a client sits in “upper way”
4.Intentional sitting, when parties have a chair
or another obstacle between them
how to open a client???

When a client sits in pose one leg over
another, make him to stand up(f.ex: offer him to
diplomas & etc)

if a client crossed hands, offer a product that
that you are going to sell him(f.ex: mobile tel.) question to the audiance:
copying breath:

There are three types of breathing
Clavicular: It is very quick and sometimes discontinuous. Usually tiny people breathe like this.
Pectolar: The most popular one. The tempo is measured
Diaphragmatic : Each inspiration is very deep and moves the whole diaphragm up. Usually men breathe like this.

Remember that: The more you are alike with your client/opponent the more comfortable it is for him/her to communicate with you Congruency

Is the outside display of inside condition of the person?
In one word it is the display of how the things you say correspond with what you say.

Congruency is one of the most important parameters because when building reliable communication with your partner the level of your naturality is vital.
Condition of the Client "Resource"

There are two main types of the «Resource»:
«Resource» condition: Positive, Ready for communication, Open
«Not resource» condition: Negative, Closed.

Our aim it to create positive resource, open yourself and your interlocutor/client
So we have two main «Resource» conditions:
"YES" condition
"NO" condition

Channels of perception
There are 6 types of Submodality:
Visual: What we see. Pictures, Images, Shapes etc.

Audio: What we hear. The speech. (Timbre ,intonation, volume)

Kinesthetic: Is what we feel when there is tactile contact.

Allfactorial: The smell is important

Gustatorial: Concentrated on the taste

Digital: Perception of the world not from own feelings but some absolute reality Life guidelines:

Place: the main question is WHERE?

Values: WHAT FOR?

Things: WHAT?

Time: WHEN?

Processes: HOW?

People: WHO?

Aim is:
to understand the attitude of the client/interlocutor to this or that impact,
exclude all negative attitudes
lead him to negotiation

“Eyes contact approach” - the easiest method of using calibration

Our body is the mirror of our soul:
when we nervous or fair our pupils become mydriatic (), eyes goggle.
Thank for body language you can understand the feelings of interlocutor

Simple and efficient exercise of calibration:

1. Ask the question to interlocutor, but you should know the right answer.
2. Look at his/her eyes, where and how it will move when he/she will think.
3. If he/she dive the right answer, repeat the exercise more.
Now you know how his/her eyes react when he/she tell the true.
It gives you opportunity to distinguish the true from the lie.
Map is not territory

There are different maps in out life:

Geographical map
Maps with other meaning like resume of candidates, advertisements, photos and so on
All this is maps, which reflect the characteristics of different subjects. But any map couldn’t provide full information.

Every people see the world by themselves.
Everybody have their unique map.
The map has only important needed information about person.

Example: The story about elephant and three sages.
The main thesis of «map theory»:
Any opinion is not the true and lie
There is no absolutely true in our life
Map is not territory
Each map is true and lie at the same time
If your map allows you to get your aim or move in right direction, it means that it is the useful map.
It is the ability to relate to others in a way that creates a climate of trust and understanding.
It is the ability to see the other's point of view and get them to understand yours.

Rapport makes any form of communication easier.
Dictionaries define rapport as a relationship marked by harmony, conformity, accord or affinity

Reframing is changing the way you perceive an event and so changing the meaning.
When the meaning changes, the response and behavior changes also Context Reframing

In what context would this behavior have value?


My partner is too stubborn.
Reframe: I bet he has the tenacity to stand by you in tough times.

My partner works all time.
Reframe: I bet you will be thanking him when you get your dream home Content Reframing
What else could this mean?
In what way, could this be positive or a resource?
My husband is too lazy.
Reframe: That means that he is pretty laid back and easy going. Imagine living with a ruthless hard-headed character!

My husband is ruthless and hard-headed.
Reframe: That means that he has ambition and drive. Many women would love that in a man! Nowadays more and more people learn various methods of influence on mentality

Preparation of NLP and to other directions becomes obligatory for top managers
NLP gives not only psychology, advantage over the others in career, business, private life,
but also it gives the warranty of psychological safety ATTENTION!!!

NLP is a very serious and strong process of influencing on the humane subconsciousness,
and before start to use it in the life
people should pass very serious trainings
and preparation.

Is it ethical to use NLP concerning to other people?

Is it fair?

Do I want be manipulated by others?
Let’s remind the basic principle of NLP:
Any behavior is relevant in particular context
Any behavior must be accompanied with positive intentions
You have the right to use NLP

Use it only with positive intention
Think of methods to open a client
in following situations:

a client clasps a bag to her chest

there is a barrier (f.ex: a chair)
between you and other party when you
want to start a communication
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