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Literary Genres

No description

Mr Slee

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Literary Genres

Biography- An account of somebody's life written by somebody else.
3 characteristics of a biography are:
1. Written by someone about somebody else.
2. Should be authentic and honest.
3. Mainly non-fiction, but fiction can also be used to show the person's life.
Literary Genres
An Autobiography is a self-authored story of a person.

you can tell if it is a autobiography if :
1. it only has facts and no opinions
2. it is written in first person
3. it includes personal triumph from failure ( includes a problem)
Definition: Literary genre that is intended for
teaching and related informational purposes
primarily intended to educate rather than entertain.
1.It is real/true
2.Can teach you how to do things
3.Provides information to the reader
mystery is a puzzling event or situation that is difficult to understand or explain.Ths is often includes strangeness, secerts or puzzling.
Traditional Literature
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Definition: The written or spoken art that expresses your thoughts, feelings and ideas through style and rhythm.
4 characteristics of poetry are:
1. Rhyme...some types of poems use rhyming words to create a certain effect.
2. Rhythm...some poems use repetition to create a beat to their poem.
3. Shape...some poems are noticeably just reading it based on the way it looks.
4. Mood...the mood of a poem is the feeling that it has.

definition- includes stories that are written to portray a time period or express information about a specific time period or a historical event.
characteristics- setting- takes place back in a period of time in history and takes place in a real place in history
characters- may be fictional. some may be real. fictional characters are based on real people in history.
problem- main characters are involved in a conflict based on a real conflict for that time period

Definition: stories that include characters and situationsthat could really happen, but yet the story is made up by the author.
1: takes place in the present
2: could happen in the present
3: talks about friendship, growing up, and being in a family
Science Fiction
Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the stories often are about science and technology of the future or involves aliens.
By: Mr. Slee's Grade 7/8s, Mrs. Doherty's 6/7s & the amazing Mrs. Pisano
Examples: National Geographic, Globe & Mail, Database Articles
The characteristics are:
in the future
in space
on a different world
in a different universe or dimension
Traditional literature are stories that are passed down from generation to generation. They often start with the phrase "Once upon a time..." They usually have the same idea, good conquers evil. They are also great stories to teach to kids because it teaches good lessons/morals.

Examples: Sonnets by William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
For example: Dorctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Giver
Traditional literature stories display good lessons and morals, and a positive theme
Includes repetition
They don't seem like reality and there may be wishing involved.
Examples Little Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Rapunzel
examples: Miley Cyrus Miles To Go, The Real McCaw,
Examples: Narnia, Harry Potter, and Wizard of Oz.

You can tell if it is a mystery by:
- a detective
-Suspicious Characters
a solution
Definition: Is a genre of fiction, which can not happen in real life.
1.Fantasy includes magic, supernatural events, and mythical creatures.
2.It can take place any time (past, present, future, or in no time), or any place (a different world, magical land, or different dimensions).
3.Fantasy often includes talking animals or objects.
Examples of Mystery is:
-nancy drew
-black seconds
-Tigers eye
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