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Sumo Paint: Removing Backgrounds

No description

C Meyer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Sumo Paint: Removing Backgrounds

Sumo Paint
Remove Background and Add Effects
Sumo Paint
Saved as .png
Saved as .jpg
background remains
Save to your sumo paint account
Save to your computer as a .png
Upload work to Edmodo
You will take an image like this...
...and use Sumo Paint tools create transparency.
Sign in to your Sumo Paint account
Choose "Create"
Click "File"
Choose "New Image"
You will see this box appear
Choose "Transparent"
A new window will appear
white and grey checkers show that you have a transparent background
Click to remove the white screen

You should only have this screen remaining
Click "File" to import your image/layer from your computer
Find your file, click "Open"
Your image will appear over the transparent background
choose the "eraser" tool
begin clearing away the background of your image
you will begin to see the transparent/checkered background showing through
you can also change the brush shape to accommodate your image
some edges will make erasing easier
you can also change the size of your eraser
Keep erasing...
You can click "View" and choose "Zoom In" to get a better view of your image and what you are erasing,
Take your time and erase as much as you can.
To complete this process, choose the "Magic Wand" tool.
Click the areas you want to remove and hit delete
This takes time and patience, but it's worth it!
After clearing away the background you can apply effects to improve your image.
I chose outer glow and bevel
Remember to click the eye to reveal options for specific effects
Save to Sumo Paint
Save to your computer as a .PNG
Upload to Edmodo
Be Careful
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