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Citizens of the World

No description

Adam Branson

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Citizens of the World

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli CITIZENS OF THE WORLD Citzens of the World Being citizens of the world means thinking of what is most important for humanity, even more than what’s important for a country, a city or a person. Thinking just about you won’t end inequality and injustice in the world. In this final unit, we will discover how we can be world citizens. DREAM,
REASON, and PLAN When an architect decides to build a house, she first has to imagine what the house will be like and how to accomplish this project. If we want to build a common house for all of humanity, in which we can all live in happiness and peace, we need to picture in our minds this great project.

Human beings have always tried to invent utopias: ideal, perfect worlds in which people would love to live, but actually making these utopias has never been easy.

For our common house we need utopias that can actually exist – not just to dream about a better world, we need to turn these dreams into reality. To do this, we need to think, reason, and plan a way to accomplish this utopia. Projects
For Happiness We all want to be happy. This is the great project. Our plans in search of happiness have to be compatible with and cooperate with those of the people around us. THE KEY We should dream of projects that we can actually accomplish, and that are compatible and cooperative with the projects of others. NOTEBOOK
ACTIVITY 1.) What is a utopia?
What do we mean when we
say a ‘accomplishable utopia’?

2.) Give an example of a plan that isn’t compatible and doesn’t cooperate with the plans of other people.
The human race lives in inequality. More than 3 billion people are poor. Meanwhile, the richer countries maintain an unsustainable way of life that puts life on earth in danger. If every citizen of the world thought of others’ needs, we would have a world where every life was one of dignity and we would all be working together to take care of our planet. Carrying out Projects Our projects have to be compatible with the projects of other people. As social creatures, we need to coexist. Our plans cannot get in the way of every one else’s plans. Our projects have to cooperate with others’ projects. We need to help others so that they can also realize their projects .

If our personal project was to research ways to cure cancer, this is compatible with others’ goals and cooperates with their goals as well.
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