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my nevada report!

kylee yazzie

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Nevada

Nevada Nevada Nevada is the 36th state of the united states. It became a state on October 31,1864. Nevada is a state that is the 7th largest state in united states. Nevada's largest city is Las Vegas. Also Nevadas' capital is Carson City and their state abbreviation is NV for Nevada. The area for Nevada is 110,567 square ft. Nevada has a population of 1,998,257 people from 2010 but with the passing years there maybe more. One of Nevada's major rivers is the Colorado River. Also one of the major lakes is Lake Mead. Nevada actually is a Spanish word for "Snowcapped". Nevada's nickname is The Silver State and the State Motto is "All For Our Country". The State song for Nevada is "Home Means Nevada". also the state tree is The Single Leafed Pinyon. The state flower and the state bird is the sage brush and the state bird is The Mountain Bluebird.
This is Nevada! History Nevada got its name by the congress and the name "Nevada" is actually a spanish word " nieve". Also when they made the flag for Nevada when they say BATTLE BORN they mean they would be ready for anything like wars or sickness. Most of the time they would have lovely families that would have to go to wars and some of them would get sick throughout the world. The reason Nevada is the 7th largest state is because its actually bigger than the first 28 states that were created in America. 3
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