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No description

Katherine Correa

on 6 November 2012

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RBAC MARKETING PLAN Tactical Implementation Plan Direct Mail Internet Marketing Social Media Optimization Alliance Marketing Direct Mail Lead Generation Telemarketing Phone List Compilation call script and call sequence development and drafting Ongoing performance tracking and script Email list compilation and segmentation Coordinate creative development Ongoing campaigns schedule and management optimization Internet Marketing Display Ad Campaign Management Organic Search Engine
Optimization Optimization Ongoing link building to core affiliates and subscribers Creation of monthly direct response Individual Site Targeting New Search Distribution Selection Niche Audiences Geographics Demographics Adds Videos SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION UPDATE AND OPTIMIZATION Automated syndication of content Sampling and microblogging. Steady targeted social network grow adding new likes By weekly content creation and auto deployment contact creation and auto deployment Profile population and inbound linking Get More Followers, Friends and Connections Alliance Marketing existing and potential complementary and competitive marketing alliance solicitation Marketing alliance solicitation Assist in marketing alliance Management and optimization of marketing alliance DIRECT MARKETING ADVERTISING INDU
ENGLISH CHANNEL Open for discussion VM ( inform of the programs) $0.98 $0.85 Hand Sanitizers Flag Set $0.70 Deluxe Sticky Note $3.50 Note Pads PENS $0.50 MARKETING MATERIALS Stress ball $0.40 Paper scents $1.65 Microbuff $1.20 First Aid
$0.90 $2.70 $1.07 Five Pong Highlighter $1.30 Highlighters PUBLIC RELATIONS 2012 2013 RBAC RBAC $8 $14 $1300 Summer Event
Christmas Event
Christmas Basket Brand Positioning EMPLOYEE SURVEY COMPANY IMAGE Strategic Action Plan Objective of this Marketing Action Project Brief Strategic Overview Use Multistep Multichannel To increase referrals Joint ventures
and alliances

Positioning Total Cost
Total Results Scalable system for qualifying and converting prospects Reduce cost per lead Referrals Prospect Clients Alliances and joint ventures Create integrate optimize Internet Marketing Short term Driving traffic Lead nurturing system Lead capturing Lead follow
up Generate new leads pre-qualify new prospects One-on-One Marketing response Plan of Action Direct marketing Direct postal mail Targeted Email Long term Build highly relevant web present Generate leads Alliance Marketing Identify formulate and implement mutually beneficial marketing relationships. ROI Maximize effectiveness Niche Research Potential bundle and partnership options assesment List Compilation and segmenattion Determine optimal approach Implement initial Contact Monthly Contact Campaign RBAC MARKETING PLAN SURVEY HOW WOULD YOU GOOGLE A LOAN? Clients loan Anniversary Newspaper Chart House Cost: $50.000 Results in 5 YEARS: 200 SBA Micro
140 7A * $20.000.000
210 504 * $200.000.000 Thank You Gift for Board Members (chocolates and card)
Thank You card for partners for final financial year. •Why a phone greeting?
The phone system is a perfect way to make the "right" first impression and an excellent way to promote RBAC products.

•Sample Script for RBAC:

“Thank you for calling RBAC This is _________, How me I help you”

-Always smile when you answer the phone.
-Speak a loud and clear.
- Remember you only have one chance to make a good first impression.
-Pick up the phone before the fourth ring.
-Avoid negative phrases. Be sincere.
-Allow the customer to said something before, put this one on hold or be transfer.

•After answer the phone:
-Transfer the customer to the person who can help him, if the person is busy recommend a voice mail or offer to take a message, ask for a full name and reason why him/her is calling add the date and the time and be sure that message arrive to the right person. If the call is related with the RBAC programs please preside to fill the ROT form, and be sure you answer in the next 24 hours with the information required for the client.
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