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South Korea

For a school project

Jeffrey Legaspi

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of South Korea

South Korea
By: Jeffrey Legaspi Forming of On June 1950, North Korean Communist forces launched
a large surprise attack on South Korea
The capital Seoul was destroyed
U.N and U.S troops helped out South Korea.
U.S and ROK forces fought a brave holding attack
On the first week of August, they were forced to flee to a beachhead in South Korea
They held off strong N. Korean until September 15, 1950
A major U.N land and marine assault was executed deep in the Communist lines
The attack was at Inchon, the port of Seoul
The South Korean crossed the 38th parallel, the Communist troops were forced back into North Korea.
Several hundred Chinese entered war on the Communist side.
With the help of the Chinese, North Korean forced U.N troops to flee back to South Korea.
Truce talks began on July 10, 1951
U.N troops pushed North Korean forces back again
The war ended in 1953 in Panmunjun because of a armstice THe Kor 맛있게 Intro South Korea (Republic of Korea or ROK) is located in Eastern Asia.
Many think that South Korea's most interesting feature is their spectacular
Lots of mountains have trees or shrubs
Korea was once known as "Choson". It means "Land of the morning mist". Clockwise from top left: N Seoul Tower, Moonlight
Rainbow Fountain, Gangnam, Samsung Tower Palace,
63 Building, Namdaemun Largest City: Seoul (Population 10 million)
Population: 48,754,657
Life Expectancy: 79.05 years
Literacy Rate: 97.9%
Infant Morlality Rate: 4.16 deaths/1000 births "Benefit all mankind" Physical Environment The Japanese had control over Korea during 1910 and 1945
U.S troops stayed in Korean until 1946
Country was split in half
N. Korean dictator was Kim jung-il (Communist)
S. Korean dictator was Syngman Rhee (Republic)
They hated each other every much
Some people wanted Communism, most did not Very nice... Area Seasons Precipitation Sea levels Typhoons S. Korea dosn't get hit by typhoons as much as Japan, Taiwan, the east coast of China or the Phillipines
1-3 typhoons occur every year
These heavy storms strike in the late summer, espcially in August

Highest peak: Halla-san at 1950 metres
Sea of Japan: 0 metres

Area: 98,910 sq km2 Crop land: 19%
Permanent crops
Permanent pastures: 1%
Forests and wood land: 65%
Rivers and lakes: 10%
Other: 13% Land use Natural disaters S. Korea dosn't have many natural disasters (low magnitude earthquake, typhoons). (In the Border South Korea send 2 robots to the border
It has camera, tracking, firing and voice regonition in one robot
If the operator cannot identify the intruder, he will order it to fire its gun or its grenades
It uses heat/motion sensors, it also send alerts to nearby command centres Robot Teachers Techn ology After a little testing, robot teaching helpers are being sent out
1 billion won ($900,000 CAD) given by the government in 2011 to give to 500 preschools
Funding growing to 40 billion won ($36 million CDN)
2013: System will be used in 8000 preschools
If it's sucessful in 2 years, it will sent to elementary schools.
Robot's teaching style and curriculum can by changed
They can tell classic stories
Parents can connect to robot in the classroom to give messages and check their progress Robot Land Located at Incheon
There wiil also be things like museums, and even robots competing against other robots in sports
The cost is low ( around $510 million CAD)
Opening date: 2013
Their will be a robotic arm ride
This will boost the economy by making 18,000 jobs
This is more than just a park, there will be office buildings and residential homes Artistic expression inspiration Buddhism inspires Korean artists
Examples of masterpieces and architecture can be seen in temples and paintings Samulnori Samulnori is a traditional percussion genre consisting of 4 instruments
They play the Kkwaenggwari (a small gong)
Jing (a larger gong)
Janggu (a hourglass-shaped drum)
Buk (a barrel drum similar to the bass drum)
How this genre originated: This was drawn from farmers band music, the first band of this music genre was Samulnori
This was created in 1978
Samul means four objects and nori means play Ancient Art Wall paintings can be found in tombs of ancient Korean rulers
Perfectly created crowns and statues are near the burial sites TRadiotional dances Dances include folk dances, which are fast and lively
GangGang Sul lae is during Lunar New Year
Only women can do this dance
When dancing, the steps seem to represent the moon, it can change shape
Dances can sometimes consists of only 2 people, but the number increases throughout the dance
Mask dance, only men can do this dance, its considered a musical Sports Lots of sports that Koreans like are extracted from the West (Canada, U.S.A)
They like sports such as baseball, ping-pong, wrestling, skating, archery and swimming
Traditional sports include kite flying, bull fighting and Korean wrestling and taekwondo
Kite flying: During Lunar New Year, people fly kites and fight each other with them
Bull fighting: Bull fighting is when 2 bulls fight each other
Korean wrestling: It's similar to sumo wrestling, played in sandy ring, when a person throws a opponent to the ground, they get a point
Taekwondo: A 2000 year old method of self defense Modern music Modern Korean music is called "K-pop"
Seo Taj-ji and Boys's debut changed thr way people listen to the music of today
This genre is a fusion of hip hop, rock, pop and R&B
S.M Entertainment, which is a Korean talent agency, was founded in 1995
This was created by Lee Soo Man
This opened the doors to the first K-pop girl groups and boy bands
K-pop is also popular outside of Asia, countries such as Canada and the U.S
Famous girl groups: T-ara, After School, Girls' Generation, 4Minute, f(x), Rainbow
Famous boy bands: SHINee, Big Bang, DBSK/TVXQ, B2ST, Super Junior, CNBlue Problems a nd challenges Environmental issues: Air pollution, land use, habitat preservation
One of the big problems: A conflict with North Korea
Last year, N. Korea fired a torpedo at a South Korean navy ship
This killed 46 people
Many sttacks from N. Korea include assasinating presidents, hijacking of aircraft and bombing of hotels Gover nment South Korea is a republic country
Presidential terms are 5 years long
They cannot be re-elected
Mayor's terms are 4 years
Voting age: 19 years old
The 2 big parties are: Democratic and
and Hannara (Grand National Party)
Hannara is similar to the Conservaties here in Canada
Party names changes every presidential terms
Current party in power: Hannara
Current president: Lee myoung-bak Cultural differences People in Korea eat things like rice, vegetables, fish and soup
National dish: Kimchi, which is spicy pickled vegetables
Chinese cabbage and radishes are commonly used
The average Korean eats about 40 pounds of kimchi every year
Rice is a staple in Korea food Holidays Sul-nal: They say if you eat rice cake on Sul-nal, you will live one more year
They wear hanbok, which is a piece of traditional clothing
On Sul-nal, younger people bow to the elderly and their parents
Parents give their children money and give them advice
Examples are stay healthy and study hard
Sul-nal is around January and Feburary
Thanksgiving (Chusuk): is on August 15, they also wear a hanbok on that day
They pray to the full moon
They have a Jesasang, which is a table of fruits
Before they eat, they bow to the table
Songpyeon is made with rice and its colorful, its shaped like a cresecent to represent the moon
When Koreans have holidays, they invite relatives Ettiquette During meals, they must have manners
Younger people let older people get their food first
When pouring alcohol, the older person uses 1 hand to pour and the younger uses 2 hands to recieve Technology -resources- Economy vehicles Automobile companies like Kia and Hyundai make cars for the people
Automobiles are key in South Korea's economy
Hyundai builds cheap ships, which makes it the number 1 trading ship Technology They have LG, which is a company that build electronics like phones and TV's
Samsung also builds phones and televisions in technology
They make computers and SD cards for phones Fishing Korea exported $1.45 billion in 2008
Korea fished up 3.36 million tonnes of sea creatures
Seaweed, crusaceans and shellfish was responsible for 93% and fish was accounted for 7%
Live lobster, whole cooked lobster, frozen lobster-tail, snow crab are just a few of the kinds of sea animals exported to Canada Import, Export Top Five Trading Countries 1. China
2. U.S.A
3. Japan
4. Taiwan
5. Germany What they import Oil, food, electronic equipment, machinery, transportation equipment, steel, organic chemicals, plastics, base metals what they export Small microchips, wireless telecommunications equipment, motor vehicles, computers, steel, ships, The Flag White background: Peace Circle: Taguek (Beginning of Universe) Centre: Perfect balance Blue portion: Eum
Signifies negative points of balance Red portion: Yang
Represents positive aspects of balance Four trigrams at corners means Kwe Upper-left trigram: Heaven Upper-right trigram: Water Bottom-left trigram: Earth Bottom-right trigram: Fire Money 1W=$0.0008CDN 5W=$0.0044CDN 10W=$0.0088CDN 50W=$0.05CDN 100W=$0.09CDN 500W=$0.45CDN 10,000W=$9.04CDN 5,000W=$4.52CDN 1000W=$0.90CDN 50,000W=$45.22CDN Korea had dynesties long ago, Koryo and Choson
If a good friend gets married, their friend gives them silverware
In architecture, traditional homes have thatched roofs (made from dry vegetation) with clay tile floors other differences 2 hands Credits I would like to thank my South Korean student with helping accomplish this project, without her, I would be stuck... Websites/books http://coinmill.com/CAD_KRW.html#KRW
Korea, A True Book by Elaine Landau
wikipedia.com Other differnces Big Bang's Tell me Goodbye Girls' Generation's Run Devil Run Aegukga (The Patriotic Song) Winters are long, cold and dry
Summers are short, hot and humid
Spring and Fall are pleasant but short

Avg. temp: Jan: -5 degrees to 2.5 degrees
July: 22.5 degrees to 25 degrees
S. Korea is temperate

S. Korea has enough rainfall to sustain agriculture
Precipitation varies very much
Droughts occur on average once every 8 years, espically in the rice producing part of the country
2 thirds of the rain fall happen during June and September NaTRual Resource Coal, graphite, tungsten, molybdenum and lead and Geography South KOrea Ean War Duction
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