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Ruby Bridges

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Ruby Bridges

child hood The effect on her family Stress and Discomforts as an adult Her journey begins After it all ended Ruby sowed signs of stress she had nightmares and woke her mother up in the middle of the night to feel safe.Ruby also stopped eating and longed to be with the other kids she usually hid her sandwiches in a class cupboard. The janitor noticed the cockroaches and mice that had found the sandwiches first.This incident lead to Ms.Henry eating lunch with Ruby. Ruby started seeing psychologist Dr.Robert Cole he saw her once a week either at school or at home. Sometimes he even brought along his wife the two were both caring towards Ruby. They started writing books on how children handle change they even wrote a book on Ruby's experiences. Ruby wanted to make new friends (who were white) but when someone rejected her friendship because of her race she slowly began to understand.On Ruby's 2nd year everyone pretended it never happened and Ruby was allowed to be with the other kids. Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954 in Tyler town Mississippi she lived on a farm with her parents and grandparents and soon her family moved to New Orleans in hope for a better life. Her mom took night jobs to help support Her growing family soon Ruby had 2 younger brothers and a younger sister.She took a test when she was in 1st grade to determine weather she was smart enough to go to and all white school her farther knew that if she passed the test there would be trouble but her mother disagreed and convinced her father to let her take the test. When the people in formed Ruby's family she passed the test her family was over joyed. All through fall and winter Ruby was still in her old school because William Frank Elementary was making excuses so ruby and the other african american children couldn't attend for a long wile and the mayor passed a decree that assured the children's safety. On September 14 1960 Ruby drove to her new school when she exited the car there was 2 white men were ordered to escort her in 2 were in the back of herand 2 were in front of her. She and her comrades were "greeted" with huge crowds of students and staff throwing objects at them and screaming parents held their kids home from school because of Ruby and others like her. Ms. Henry was the only teacher who was wiling to teach ruby she supported her and helped her even though she was african american. School Days On the 2nd day of school a women threatened to poison her witch caused her to only eat food from home. Another day she was "greeted" by a lady with a black doll in a wooden coffin.(what a jerk!!!!)She spent all day every day in Ms.Henrys room and never went out side too recess or to the lunch room and when ever she had to use the bathroom the body guards escorted her down the hall and a few years later one of her escorts made a proud comment "she is such a brave girl she never whimpers or cries she just walks along like a little solider." said Charles Burks. This did not only effect Ruby but also her family. The store they shopped at band them and her father lost his job at the filling factory and her grandparents even got kicked off their farm.
But this was not only bad, people in their neighbor hood black and white helped their family by supplying them with a job and protection and even baby sitters. Ruby graduated grade school (Francis T middle school) and she studied travel and tourism at Kansas city business school and worked at american express as a world travel agent. In 1984 Ruby married a guy named Malcolm Hall in 1993 her brother died of drug related things and Ruby started volunteering at her old middle school (witch is where her brother that died kids went to school.) and looked out for her brothers kids.In 1999 she founded the Ruby Bridges Foundation other wise known as RBF. it was founded to end racism and prejudice. where their motto is "racism is a grown up disease and we should not use our children to spread it." Pictures! Ruby Bridges
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