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Organization Clinics


Ibrahim Al Samhan

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Organization Clinics

Human Resources Outsourcing
Human Resources through Innovative HR Technology: All Human Resources transactional processes delivered through an innovative and accessible technology-based HR automated solution with the presence of an ERP or standalone.
Full reports to see same KPIs, efforts or
process against each company involved
Back Office Process Outsourcing
Added-value in the back office such as but not limited to lower costs through large-scale operations, better quality in specific services and concentrating on end-user’s non-core business.
Competitive Advantage
We offer our clients added value by giving them the competitive advantage. Through our activities in Corporate Social Responsibility, we encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and stakeholders. Activities in Public Relations include events management and media campaign. Business Partnering is client-facing for all functions interacting with internal or external costumers representing customers with Human Resources & Capability Outsourcing and handling all-employee relations issues.
Capability Outsourcing
Project-based activities related to the linking of the Business Strategy Management by governing the strategic Alignment with Organizational Performance Design & Human Capital Management including linking performance management with people development using Functional Career Framework tools and all built around business transformation model approach using BA5Ci solution methodology.
Our Market
OC offers a complete business transformation solution to government and non-government organizations. Using our BA5Ci® methodology, we help the government and non-government agencies create, change and maintain every facet of their organization vis-à-vis achieving balance and automation. We integrate business strategy to the organization’s existing resources and capabilities and apply continuous process improvement.
Our Market
Saudi Arabia is currently seeking to expand its primary health care system to fill the gaps in service. It is in this context that OC offers business consultancy to participating agencies and private entities providing healthcare services for the Kingdom’s population. OC offers business process management (BPM) through business automation of our BA5Ci® methodology. Our BPM uses technology aimed at redesigning processes, reduce unnecessary steps and remove redundancies.
Saudi Arabia is currently enjoying a massive boom in its information and communications technology (ICT) market. OC offers ICT companies automated yet flexible systems. OC helps businesses establish the linkage and alignment amongst their lines of business and functions at all levels. OC applies the Principle of Connectivity® which ensures business agility for a more dynamic organization amidst the competition in the market place.
Our Market
Our Market
The Saudi financial sector requires a highly secured environment for its sensitive data that complies with high standard of procedures and of international quality. OC offers organizations in the financial sector the ability to create, change and maintain all aspects of organization in a balanced and automated way by using our methodology that delivers agility, analysis, automation, activation, alignment and of capability integration.
OC Value Proposition
Cost reduction is done through process improvements, re-engineering and use of technologies that reduce and bring administrative and other costs under control.
With the day-to-day back office operations taken care of, the management is free to concentrate more on the core business of the company.
Cost reduction
Concentration on core business
Revenue Increase
Cater to customer demands
Company is saved from the hassles of recruiting and training personnel. BPOs ensure that experts from another company provide the needed guidance and skills.
It is another great advantage of outsourcing the business processes. Many BPOs provide the management with flexible and scalable services to meet the customers' changing requirements, and to support company acquisitions, consolidations and joint ventures.
By outsourcing non-core processes, companies can concentrate on increasing their sales and market share, develop new products; spread out into new markets and increase customer service and satisfactions.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement created more global environments that dictate increase in profit and reduce costs. To do this, organizations need to do the following and BPO is the enabler.
External Expertise
Dashboards, visually illustrate almost every
process affecting the customer’s processes
Functional Career Framework
Empowering Business Growth Sustainability
To be globally competitive in delivering automated Business Processes & Business Transformation Services.
Empowering business growth sustainability through focusing on other non-core businesses, adopting to customer demands, “getting more by less” and offering affordable external expertise.
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