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"Focus on K2" Curriculum Training

No description

Kendra Mrozek

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of "Focus on K2" Curriculum Training

"Focus on K2"
Curriculum Training

Center Time
Whole Group Time
80 Minute Block for Center Work
Whole Group Time

What is "Focus on K2?"
The name of the new K2 Curriculum
Created by BPS Department of Early Childhood
Aligned with CCSS
Focuses on allowing students to experience, experiment, and ask questions
Uses relevant themes (units) to inspire learning
Overview of the Curriculum
Unit 1 -- Our Community
Unit 2 -- Animals & Habitats
Unit 3 -- Construction
Unit 4 -- Our Earth
Center Names
Art Studio
Block Center
Listening / Library Center
STEM Center
Word Work Center
Writing & Drawing
How Can You Help During Center Time?
Support students in their transitioning from Center to Center
Engage students in one specific Center
Encourage conversation, provide scaffolding
Redirect students behavior or attention
Ask critical thinking questions
Document learning while the teacher is elsewhere
"Big Idea" and "Essential Questions"
Guide children's learning and tie students back to the larger picture
Center Time
Whole Group Time
Small Group Time
Writer's Workshop / ST & SA
Math Investigations
Curriculum Universality
The curriculum will work with the strengths of
students, including children with special needs & Dual Language Learners.
1) "Community of Learners"
2) "Introducing and Planning for Centers"
Building connections between students
Setting positive classroom climate
Modeling opportunities for self-direction
will you
in the Block Center today? What
will you need?"
Storytelling / Story Acting
Small Group Instruction
Teachers use this time for:
Guided Reading: reading just-right books & practicing decoding, comprehension, vocabulary

Volunteers are meeting a critical need for teachers to have more direct one-on-one and small group instruction.
Role Model
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Story Acting / Dramatization
Maggie's Interview
Reading the Story
3) "Class Meeting"
Building connections between students
4) "Read or Think Aloud"
Reinforcing comprehension and understanding
Close Read (video)
Writer's Workshop
1) Role Model Storytelling
2) Dictation
3) Story Acting / Dramatization
4) Extend Children's Learning
5) Engaging Families in Children's Work
Specific time to practice writing skills, letter formation, etc.

Meaning & Comprehension
- Reading
- Writing
- Listening
- Speaking
& Story Acting
Project-Based Learning at Centers
Whole Group Time
Small Group Instruction
Content Areas
- Math
- Social Studies
- Art
Oral Language
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