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This is a project that is about stereotypes and racism.

Christine Watchamacallit

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Stereotypes

Stereotypes and Racism Gender Boys Girls Negative Positive Positive Negative Girls always smell good Girls are better drivers than guys Girls get better grades Girls hog the bathroom Girls take forever to do anything Girls always talk too much on the phone Guys are stronger Guys are better at sports Guys don't get grossed out by scrapes and bruises Guys usually work in messy places Guys are players Guys wear whatever is clean Cultures American Asian Positive Negative Americans are very social Americans are humorous Americans have good taste in music Americans are fat Americans are dumb Americans are lazy and annoying Positive Negative Asians are smart and get straight A's Asians are good at math Asians are hardworking Asians have heavy accents Asians are horrible at driving Asians have high expectations Miscellaneous Negative Positive Blondes are dumb People that have tatooes ride motorcycles All old ladies are weak and frail Black people are violent Nerds have dorky glasses and tuck their shirts in with their pants higher than their waist All jocks are stupid All Muslims are terrorists All blacks are good at rapping Blondes are pretty and rich
All Latinos dance well
Black people are great at basketball
Canadians live in igloos How to stop it What you can do to help Stereotypes/Racism If you see someone that is being stereotyped in a negative way or is being putting through racist comments, the best thing that you can do is to stand up to the stereotyper. If this is not possible for some odd reason, simply take the stereotypee and walk away. Later on, tell the person that the stereotypes are not true, and then go tell an adult to do something about it. If you are being stereotyped by someone in a bad way or are being put through racist comments, you can choose to ignore them, and keep telling yourself that these words are not true, and you can also choose to stand up for yourself and ask that person how they would feel if they were stereotyped in a bad way. If the person refuses to stop after you have attempted both of these, tell an adult about it. They can help you. You can organize a campaign to help stop racism in your school. You can talk to your principal about making an announcement to your school, telling them all they need to know about racism and how to prevent it. You can give out informational brochures about racism and stereotypes in public places to bring the importance of getting rid of racism to your entire communtiy.
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