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Nellie McClung

No description

Alysha Field

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Nellie McClung

Nellie McClung married Robert Wesley McClung.(he was a pharmacist) In 1911 Nellie McClung and her four children and husband moved to Manitoba.(where her fifth child was born)Nellie McClungs family supported her very much. Thanks to her family Nellie McClung never gave up on her dream.
Nellie McClung was one of the lifetime members of the women's Christian Temperance Union.Wich were concerned with social,and health problems caused by alcohol and many other problems.(facing women and children) McClung was also one of the leaders of the women's rights movement in the Canadian west. After moving to Winnipeg with here family Nellie mcClung joined the Winnipeg Political Equality League.(a group helping the city's female wage earners)She led Robmond Roblin( who was premier)through the city's sweatshops to show the terrible work conditions many women faced.Nellie mcClung also led the fight to let women in Manitoba to be able to vote.McClung and other women wanting to vote eventually defeated Roblin's government( did not agreeto let women vote), and in 1916, the Liberal government granted the vote of women in Manitoba. McClung also fought for women to be able to be part of the Canadian Senate.
Nellie McClung was an effective speaker with a sense of humor.She fought in what she believed in. She was determined to improve the qualities of life for all women in Canada.Without people like Nellie mcClung women in Canada would not have the same qualities of life.
Nellie mcClung did not attend school until she was ten years old.She also received a teaching certificate at the age of sixteen. She taught school until she married Robert Wesly McClung .(for seven years she taught school)
Nellie Leitita Mooney(her full name)was born near Owen Sound Ontario,October 20 1873. She journeyed west as a child from 1880 to Manitoba . Her family settled on a homestead in Souris valley,where she was raised.She grew up to be a Canadian feminist,and politition.She fought for women suffrage,and their rights.Nellie mcClung was also a member of the famous five
Nellie McClung
Nellie McClung is a hero because she was determined to fight for the rights of women.
Real Life Hero
Nellie McClung was also an author.She published sixteen books.The first book she ever published was an autobiography called Clearing in the West.

Nellie McClung's family
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