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Hero's Journey-The Incredibles

No description

Shay-Lynn Higa

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey-The Incredibles

Hero's Journey- The Incredibles
Innermost Cave
Mr. Incredible, his wife, and kids are on the island and stuck in Syndrome's control, and they know no one has ever gotten out alive. Syndrome's lair is different because the Incredible family has never faced somebody so strong before; Syndrome has the family completely in his control. Mr. Incredible and his family have to work as a family to get out of Syndrome's lair and off of the island alive. The Omnidroids act as the threshold guardians keeping Mr. Incredible to Syndrome's lair and keeping him from getting back to his family. The innermost cave holds the treasure of Mr. Incredible for his family who they are trying to save, and it is also where Mr. Incredible realizes that even superheroes need sidekicks. The island and Syndrome's lair are where Mr. Incredible connects with his family again, both physically and mentally which is why Mr. Incredible wants to go there.
Supreme Ordeal
The supreme ordeal is when Mr. Incredible, his family, and best friend Frozone are fighting against the largest, toughest Omnidroid yet. While doing this they have to work together and trust each other, something that might not be the easiest thing to do for Mr. Incredible. He needs the help of his family and friends in order to beat the Omnidroid. Mr. Incredible almost dies by having things thrown at him by the Omnidroid, being tossed around in the air, and slammed on the ground; Mr. Incredible reacts to this by fighting even harder and never declaring defeat. This characterizes him as persistent and determined. Mr. Incredible has always been determined but has changed by now seeing that he can't always be the only one fighting; he needs to have allies to help him. Mr. Incredible uses his knowledge of knowing that a good hero sometimes needs help and can't always fight all alone during his supreme ordeal.
Seizing the Sword/Reward
Mr. Incredible finally gets the treasure of his family reconnecting again. Mr. Incredible gets a good look that sometimes even a hero might need an ally or two and not be able to accomplish something on their own. Mr. Incredible finally gets to fight and shows how strong he is. He ends up becoming closer to his family which is what he has wanted for a long time. Mr. Incredible and his family get accepted and praised for being superheroes in the society versus before, when society didn't appreciate them and thought super heroes only caused destruction.
Return with the Elixir
Mr. Incredible brings back the realization of family importance. His defeat of Syndrome shows that superheroes are actually okay in the world. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible finally agree on letting Dash run track, a new super villain, The Underminer, shows up in town. During this, the Incredibles’ prepare to fight as a family. Mr. Incredible is finally close with his family again and they can be the town's heroes and fight crime again.
Tests, Allies, & Enemies
The tests are to the physical aspect but there was a mental aspect as well which was figuring out how to finally beat the many modified versions of the Omnidroid 9000; Mr. Incredible’s behavior fighting the Omnidroid 9000 showed that he never gave up and was persistent and determined.

His allies are his wife (Elastigirl) and best friend Frozone. Mr. Incredible’s kids are more of tricksters; although they do help him throughout his journey, his two eldest kids, Violet and Dash snuck onto the plane that Mrs. Incredible was pilot of, and almost ruined all of the plans. Mr. Incredible comes across Syndrome, previously mentioned as Buddy; Buddy was his biggest fan but once he got rejected by Mr. Incredible, Buddy wanted to have vengeance against him. Mr. Incredible, at the time, only wanted to fight alone and not have no one by his side to help him; this made Buddy very angry and made him want to prove that he is more powerful than Mr. Incredible.

The shape-shifter in the story is the baby, Jack-Jack; he changed from steel, to a very strong devil, to fire, in a matter of seconds without even realizing what he had become..
Crossing the Threshold
A new special world, the island where Syndrome is, is where Mr. Incredible goes to fight the Omnidroid again. This world is different because this time Mr. Incredible is all alone; no one is there to help him. Mr. Incredible fights against much stronger enemies this time and needs to prove that he is stronger than Syndrome and his Omnidroids. Edna, his mentor does not really help him throughout this part of the journey; she does, however, help Mr. Incredible’s family find where he is to help him get out of trouble.
Refusal of the Call
Edna refuses the call of adventure at first. She does not accept Mr. Incredible’s offer of fixing his suit which he needs for his missions. Edna also doesn’t think he can fight crime anymore because he is older and put on weight. Later, she finally accepts the task of fixing his suit & making a new one. Mr. Incredible is joyful that he is able to fight crime again and happy that Edna fixed his suit.
The Call to Adventure
After Mr. Incredible gets fired, Mirage secretly gives him a video tablet which contains his mission from her. Mirage is the herald giving Mr. Incredible the call to adventure which he accepts. Mirage and Mr. Incredible have a professional relationship. He finds the mission interesting because if he completes it, he can bring in money for his family. Also, he can finally do what he loves to do which is fighting crime and being a hero.
The Road Back
Mr. Incredible and his family think they are finally done fighting Syndrome, so they head back to their home. On the way back, they realize that baby Jack-Jack, is in trouble and is captured by Syndrome. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible must work as a team to help get their baby back. Mr. Incredible uses his new found knowledge of realizing that working as a team is something they will need to save Jack-Jack. When Mr. Incredible uses this new skill, it shows he is open to change. This final test shows that Mr. Incredible is a true hero by showing that he isn't as selfish anymore but is starting accept ideas from others.
Mr. Incredible is transformed by not being as self-centered as in the beginning but finally listening to ideas by his allies. The supreme ordeal has changed Mr. Incredible by showing him that through teamwork, more can be accomplished. Mr. Incredible appreciates his family now rather than before where he didn't really pay attention to them. He is happy that he and his family are finally together and communicating well again.
The Hero/Ordinary World
Mr. Incredible is the hero. He is a big, strong guy that is different from most people in his society. He is portrayed as a crazy freak due to smashing his boss through walls. He does not get along well with his boss and family. Nobody lets him be who he wants to be, which is a hero. Mr. Incredible just wants to save people’s lives and not hurt anyone.
Meeting the Mentor
Edna Mode, known as E and who is an old family friend is Mr. Incredible’s mentor. Edna makes super hero suits which helps her know the do’s and don’ts of making a new suit. She helps Mr. Incredible and his wife with emotional help. Edna also helps him by showing him which things are good and bad to have on a super-suit. She advises him to take on the mission and continue with hero work.

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The Incredibles
Hero's Journey
Ordinary World
Call to Adventure
Meeting the Mentor
Refusal of the Call
Crossing the Threshold
Tests, Allies & Enemies
Innermost Cave
Supreme Ordeal
Seizing the Sword/Reward
The Road Back
Return with the Elixir
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