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IC HvZ 2012-2013

No description

Kari Abramson

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of IC HvZ 2012-2013

People to Know What You Need Ithaca College
Humans vs Zombies Don't forget extra darts! And remember to mark them with your initials, they WILL get lost. Ben Bartell
Position: Secretary Stephen "Tall Steve" Meyerhofer
Position: Treasurer Kari Abramson
Position: President Steven "Scout" Brasley
Position: Vice President Nerf Blaster Regulations Coolness Uncool Neon Paint
Who doesn't love a neon blaster? Creative Modding
Removing air restrictors, springs Realistic Paint
Anything metallic: Black, silver, or otherwise Overdoing the Firepower
Darts shouldn't hurt at close range If you have questions about the legality of your nerf blasters, come ask a board member! (It normally means you get to shoot us) Nerf Blaster
Socks A Bandana A Positive Attitude! 10 Just because you get nommed doesn't mean the game is over! Congratulate your killer and be proud to join the horde! (I hear they have cookies.) Nerf Blaster Rentals! NEW THIS YEAR Any new player who wants to try HvZ without the commitment of purchasing a blaster may borrow one from the club for a small advance deposit. The better the rental, the higher the deposit. Rentals are on a per-round basis, first come first served. See Ben Bartell for more information. Stay in the Loop! Facebook: Ithaca College Humans vs. Zombies Social Club

Twitter: @IthacaHvZ

IC Link Mailing List: Ithaca.Collegiatelink.net/humansvszombiessocialclub Returning Members! We need volunteers.
Badly. If you're interested in helping out with missions, leave your information on the list at the front of the room. Must have played at least one semester and have good academic standing, as well as a positive reputation of gameplay. SAFETY FIRST We take safety issues extremely seriously, due to our delicate relationship with IC Public Safety. If you cannot follow these rules, you will be removed from the club, further actions depending on each situation.

We have several important rules that must be considered when playing. These rules are modified after almost every round, due to new issues that arise during gameplay. AVOID DOORWAYS.
A good rule of thumb is give someone a 10 second reprieve when they exit a building, and if someone is running indoors and you're chasing them, just let it go. It's a fuzzy issue, so don't try and make it any more controversial than it is. Don't be a dick. We're seriously. Jumping off things
Our current rule with public safety is that we CANNOT JUMP OFF ANYTHING HIGHER THAN KNEE HEIGHT. This is a rule for clubs in general, as people have gotten hurt before. This does not mean you can use small ledges as barriers to hide behind, people can still tag you. Non-Players and Cars
When we are moving through a parking lot/crowded area and there is some sort of group/moving car, the game is on pause until they pass. Zombies are not to attack, and humans are not to move through the path of the car/group. Absolutely NO modified darts can be used. Other schools may use them, we do not. They hurt. Dart Regulations Examples of Illegal Ammo:
(All modifications are illegal, but we've seen these done before)
Glue in the tip of the dart
Plastic Tubing inside the dart (Power Strike 48 darts) Vortex Discs are legal
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