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Help Desk Troubleshooting

No description

Amanda Field

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Help Desk Troubleshooting


Students must verify
Student ID Number
Last 4 of Social Security
Staff, and off-campus Faculty must verify
Last 4 of Social Security
On Campus Faculty only need to be calling from their extension

Help Desk Trouble Shooting
"Slow Computer"
Help Desk Survival 101
Bradford Dissolvable Agent
Will delete itself after it runs
Helps us track down laptops/users
last connection point and account info
Know your resources
Always be willing to learn
Ticket like it's a reflex
Make connections
between issues, platforms
don't re-invent the wheel
when in doubt...make a ticket
there will always be new issues
either you're moving forward or slowly moving backward
Google, HD Binder
Co-workers, Leaders
Techs, IT Staff
Knowledge Base
Especially during first two weeks of the year
Essential to security of network
Students, Faculty, Staff, Monks, and guests
Accounts / Passwords
Program Laptop Repairs
What We Can Do
What We Can't Do
Non-Program Laptops
Taking it In
MS Office
Password Resets
Non-hardware or software fixes*
Warranty Repairs
Install EndNote
Mobile E-mail
Browser Issues
Repair phones
Repair Non-Warranty Laptops
Faculty/Staff Personal Computers
Student Batteries*
Re-Image Personal Laptops*
Repair Macs
Fix Every Problem
Force Print-Jobs
Be Personal Therapists
Provide Advice & Next Steps
1. When was the last time you rebooted?
2. Is it just "X" program or do other programs run slowly as well?
3. What do you have running in the background?
4. When did this start/How long has this been an issue?
5. How old is your machine?
Run Anti-Virus Scans
Uninstall Programs
offer to run Malware Bytes
explain difference
"Premium Trial"
always ask first
last resort
will cover late
Too many programs (installed or running)
Corrupted Image
Failing Hard-Drive
Before We Start...
Take out your mobile device
let's make sure we all start on the same page....
Go to "
Enter the room code:
Outline of the Behemoth
Slow Computer
Accounts and Passwords
Warranty Repairs
Non-Program Laptops
automatically bumped
Hackers, stolen devices, illegal activity
Everyone on Campus and All Devices
Music Devices
Laptops, Phones, E-readers, Smart TV's, Gaming Consoles
Perfectly safe but often flagged
Scans for up-to-date
operating system
and up-to-date
Mac Issues
Mac can't download Bradford
Click the Apple
"System Preferences"
"Security and Privacy"
Under "General" Tab
Unidentified Developer
Firewall Settings
Empty Downloads folder
Manual Registrations
Unable to download Bradford

Registration page is down

'Host is Already Registered'

Have you tried....
re-downloading Bradford
resetting Wi-Fi connection
connecting to towers
verify OS and anti-virus
Failed due to anti-virus or OS definitions

Can't load registration page*

"Too many devices"
How to Manually Register
What you need:
A New Ticket
Device Type
Phone Number
Mac Address(es)*
Typically takes at most 2-3days
System Preferences -> Network
AirPort/Ethernet -> Advanced
Hardware -> MAC Address
12 characters
A-F and 0-9 (no O)
Write as

Finding the Mac Address
Search CMD -> type "ipconfig/all"
It's the physical address under "Ethernet LAN Conection" or "Wireless LAN Adapter"
Android Phones:
settings -> about phone -> status
settings -> general -> about
Note that phones do NOT have the same Bradford security requirement
I can't log in to my account...
Main Causes:
1) Entered wrong password
2) Locked out
3) Account is no longer active
or wrong assigned role*
4) Flagged account
When was the last time you logged in?
Have you recently changed your password?
Do you have your e-mail synced to your phone?
Unlock account and try again
Portal Reset Password
Tech Reset Password
Tech Password Resets...
Students, Faculty, and Staff all must show picture ID
Getting Locked Out
Only takes 3 incorrect log-ins

Phones/iPads with incorrect passwords on synced account!

Lasts 30minutes
For Devices With Synced Accounts
in AIRPLANE MODE or DELETE the account
We can help with....
as you feel comfortable
MS Office 365, EndNote, Symantec, etc
except failing hardware
be aware of their personal AV definitions
If they have the recovery discs that came with the laptop
If they back up their data themselves
If they are willing to release the HD from any liabilities
Take it in

Hardware Repair
slowness issues
installing college software
other software issues
Just Don't...
Note: Apples are going to have slightly more limited support
If All Else Fails...
Best Buy Geek Squad
Phone: (603)622-0804
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 10am-7pm
Apple Store
1500 South Willow Street
Manchester, NH 03103
About 7 miles or 13 mins from campus

The Manchester Mall
Phone: (603)391-0180
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm
Step 1: Check The Warranty
Liable for any issues with "Freebie" repairs
Don't sell what you don't have
Go to this icon on this icon or this web address
Grab the serial number, model, and product ID from the laptop
usually printed underneath the battery
Yoga's and Carbon's have a sticker on the bottom
Step 2: Diagnose
HawkNetters can perform most software diagnosis, start paperwork for hardware repairs, back up data, and re-image...

Techs need to approve/diagnose any hardware issues BEFORE taking it in
(Lenovo Diagnostic Bootable Disc)

Gets caught in security filters
Windows 8: click 'more
options' and 'allow anyway'
Windows 7: 'run anyway'
Optional- try a system restore
Thinkpad 440p
Thinkpad T450
X1 Carbon Ultra Book
ThinkPad Yoga
Thinkpad T430
Windows 10: 'more info' and then
'run anyway'
ThinkPad L540
ThinkPad Edge E431**
ThinkPad X1 Carbon
ThinkPad Edge E430**
ThinkPad T420
ThinkPad X1
**3 Year Warranty
Step 3: Check-In Laptop for Repair
1) Begin by filling out "Student Computer Repair Worksheet"
after warranty checks out and tech approves the repair
2) Have the student sign the "Service Agreement" on the back
3)Student may leave laptop with us or continue using it at their preference
4)Create ticket with information and add the number to the Repair WS
5)Give the laptop and Repair WS to the Tech on Duty
quicker to leave it
focus on top box (name, etc)
Final Notes
Many factors affect repair times-so don't estimate

Loaner Laptops are available for students/staff

For Faculty laptops, no paper work is needed

parts on back-order
spider webbing repairs
best to keep an eye on e-mail for updates
usually takes a little bit to set-up
ideal for aggravated users or extensive repairs
their laptops are property of the college
let the techs handle most of this
basic overview
re-imaging covered later
Submit your Mac address at this time :)
Training Pause...
Portal Resets
Must have answered security questions!
Follow along on your computer
> go tomyanselm.anselm.edu (without logging-in)
> manage my account
> forgot my password
> (enter St.A's username and e-mail)
> make new password
Can manage security questions from inside portal
If all else fails.....
Run System File Checker
before you re-image
run cmd as admin
"sfc /scannow"
Change Startup Programs
check for bloatware
You Made IT!!
Let's check and see if you survived....
Go to "m.socrative.com"

Enter the room code: PR8MOnOb
Take a quick 5 min break and get ready for networking
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