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Sports Policy in the UK

County Sports Partnerships provide a network of local strategic and delivery partners for sport and physical activity.

CJ Lee

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Sports Policy in the UK

Sports Policy in the UK
Does it work?
Additional Reading

ruff guide to sports policy, www.sportsdev.info
Department of Media, Culture and Sport
Sport Policy in Britain, Houlihan/Lindsey, 2010
Does sports development work?
Sport Development Definitions
Sports Policy: State control v market forces
Sport's social utility: 2012 onwards
Youth & Community Strategy
Does sports development work?
’Ensuring the pathways and structures are in place to enable people to learn basic movement skills, participate in sports of their choice, develop their competence and performance, and reach levels of excellence’.
’A process by which sport is managed to ensure a positive change in sporting behaviour, or physical activity within the community. This includes:Identifying sporting needs in the community
Giving direction to sport and sporting organisations
Creating links between various organisations...so integrated frameworks exist
Promoting sport within the community
Ensuring social, economic, environmental & health benefits can be achieved for communities
Sports Council, 1990
Strategic lead for Sport in England

3 Strategic Functions:
Exchequer and Lottery Distributor
Grow, Sustain and Excel
Protection of playing fields

New Strategy 2012-2017
£1 billion
Youth & Community Strategy
150 College Sport Makers
Community Clubs in secondary schools
CSPs supported to create school and community links
30 sports with enhanced talent pathways
Funding & Delivery Partners
2013-17 Funding
Whole Sport Plans
Key Performance Indicators for delivery partners

New Strategy: Community & Youth
more access, opportunity and diversity
more young people
developing talent
better facilities
Government sponsored sports delivery
Sport England
The Wolfenden Report (1960)
Sports for All (1981)
Sport and the communty I (1982)
Sport and the community II (1988)
Raising the Game (1995)
A Sporting Future for All (2000)
Game Plan (2002)
Playing to Win (2008)
A Sporting Habit for Life (2012)
Behavioral change requires 10-15 years
Participation rates have not changed
Does it matter?

The Sport Hampshire & IOW Partnership have identified four key strategic aims to achieving their vision:
1 To inspire and sustain greater participation in sport and physical activity.
2 To make the case for sport and physical activity, building the evidence base, advocating its benefits and providing the right information to inspire people to be active.
3 To support activity at all levels through the development of a quality workforce: coaches, instructors, leaders, volunteers, teachers, officials and administrators.
4 To plan strategically and provide a range of high quality, active environments and appropriate facilities supporting introductory activities, participation and performance sport.
Local strategies
~ Hampshire and IOW - c. 2 million residents
~ Major conurbations
Southampton (Unitary Authority)
Portsmouth (Unitary Authority
~ One island (Unitary Authority)
~ Local Councils
11 Local Authorities
3 UAs and 1 County County Council
~ Multiple National Governing Bodies of Sport
~ Formally constituted CSP, Finance, Advisory Board Marketing and Communications
More People
More Active
More Often
Increase adult (age 14+) participation in sport
Improve quality, quantity and diversity of coaches, leaders & volunteers
Support Sport and Physical Activity Alliances
Develop opportunities for Disabled People in Sport
Reduce childhood obesity in children (5-11 yrs)
Promote Sport and Physical Activity
2013/14 Priorities
Products & Services
Sportivate - 14 to 25 participation
HTAS - talent athlete scheme
Sport Makers - 16+ leaders project
Adult participation i.e. workplace activities
Aiming High/Short Breaks - disability access
Mission Possible - 2012 coaches & leaders
Satellite Clubs
Coach Education & Conference
want to know more...
National Lottery funded initiative (April 2011 – March 2017)
A programme to encourage more 14 to 25 year olds to take part in sport on a regular basis
Part of Sport England’s mass participation 2012 legacy programme
To listen to young people and offer them the chance to try a sport that appeals to them
To reach a wider audience – the ‘semi-sporty’ ones
To provide an introduction to a sport that they enjoy and they can continue to take part on a regular basis…… “creating a habit for life”
‘Sport’ rather than physical activity
6 weekly coaching sessions
any day, any time (except not curriculum time)
participant-centred, ‘sense’ of structure & progression
subsidised NOT free ……. affordable and sustainable
incorporating personal challenge, event, competition
potential to invest in training and to create peer ‘Activators’
cannot be delivered by staff exclusively for students
strong emphasis on identified, local exit routes
New or enhanced activity – not something that already exists
Value for money / partner funding (cash or in-kind)
Key principles
Easy Cricket
What's in it for me
Enhanced CV
Put theory into practice

Life & social skills
Character & Caring
16+ supporting 16+
informal & informal
training offer - groups of 15 - 100
register hours - 10hrs
incentives i.e. hoodies...
pathway from leadership into coaching
London 2012 Legacy Programme (2011-2013)
40,000 new people 'making sport happen'!
Formal and informal opportunities
Inspire others through Olympic and Paralympic values

Sport Makers made sport happen by:
Supporting formal club activity and operation
Creating new sporting activities & events
Coaching/leading/facilitating activity
How many CSPs exist in England?
What does WSP stand for?
Whats the name of Sport England's new strategy?
How many sports do Sport England invest in?
Name four of the programmes currently managed by the CSP?
Pop Quiz
48, 662
Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life
We will invest over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding between 2012 and 2017 in organisations and projects that will:

Help more people have a sporting habit for life
Create more opportunities for young people to play sport
Nurture and develop talent
Provide the right facilities in the right places

By the numbers
1 billion
250, 000
Satellie Clubs
Government invest into youth and community strategy
No. of Sport Makers nationally doing 10+ hrs
No. of Sport Makers in Sport Hampshire & IOW
No. of participants through Sportivate in years 1 & 2 of the programme
Amount invested in Sportivate for first 3 years
Sports Policy: contested ideology and genealogy
sport's social utility v sport for sports sake
spectacle...De Coubertin's Olympic Movement
amateurism and volunteerism
distractionary...for the working class
builds character and fitness...public schools
media and sport...globalisation
sport & physical activity...sport for all
sports as social capital and national pride
performance sport
complex infra-structure
Sports Policy: civic responsibility to government portfolio
Policy changes 2-4 years
Increase in strategic activity & facility development
Decrease in hands-on intervention e.g. street sport and coaching
Recognition of HE/FE communities
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