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Rock Band Assignment

No description

Crysal Lake

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Rock Band Assignment

Rock Band
Assignment This is a Rock Band Simulation Assignment
You will chose a group of NO MORE than 5 members.

As a group you will create a band name! Things you will need to do:
1. Create a Logo for your band
2. A Biography/ band member
3. Full Colour Tour Poster
4. Full Colour CD Case
5. Concert Review
6. Marketing Plan LOGO - Choose a name for your band
- Identify what type of music your band will play
- Design your own logo. Make the logo simple and eye catching. BE CREATIVE!
Biography - Draw or take and autograph a picture of each band member.
- Write a biography (100 word minimum) of each band member.
- This can be fictional, but needs to meet the requirements of a biography (Everyone worked on a biography last pathway) Full Colour Tour Poster
& CD Cover - The purpose is to advertise your band’s latest tour.
- Tour poster to be full size Bristol board
- you are to include the following: name of tour, place, date, ticket price, other cities toured, promotional gimmicks
- CD case design to be simple yet attractive and include at least 6 original song titles on the back.
- CD design must be submitted in an actual plastic CD case
- Where and when the concert took place.
- Number of people at the concert.
- Description of the stage show and concert.
- Description of the opening act
- Audience reaction.
- Interviews or quotes from band members or audience members.
- Personal comments and rating of the concert (i.e. Tin, Silver, Gold, Platinum )
Concert Review - Estimate the revenue and expenses of the concert tour. Items to include are: Ticket and T-shirt revenue, cost of stage and band equipment, security expenses, building rental, travel and accommodation expenses, Roadies, miscellaneous expenses.
- Estimate total expenses and total revenue for each item and calculate the net profit. Be ready to justify your estimates, as marks will be given for accuracy of estimates.
Cost of Tour Songs
- Write and perform a song (may use music from and existing song).
- Perform the song as a group in front of the class/school. Group members must resemble the pictures drawn for their biographies.
Biography Draw or take a picture of each band member.

Write a biography for each band member (minimum of 100 words)

** Can be fictional
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