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Industrial Revolution in the United States

At the conclusion of the Civil War, the United States moved towards industrialism and manufacturing and would become an urban nation.

Michael Kirschner

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution in the United States

1750-1850 The Industrial Revolution in
the United States Industrial Revolution is: The move from hand made goods to machine made goods.
Started with steam engines and steam technology
Formed in England and France, before moving to Eastern United States. Problems of Industrialism From the video clip, we see that Industrialism caused a number of problems for society. Pollution of Air and Water Child Labor Abuses Housing Shortages Urban Slums Urban means related to a CITY. Urban means related to a CITY. Urban means related to a CITY. Early Innovations in Industry Textiles-- cotton mills
Steam Power-- James Watts invents the steam engine; move from human and animal driven machines
Iron Making Agriculture Innovation
A cause and effect scenario Machines made it easier to grow more food with less laborers. This led to people out of work (former farm hands) These people would move to the cities to looks for work (urbanization) Factories would hire these people. Urbanization The rapid movement of people from
the rural areas to the cities. SOCIAL EFFECTS OF INDUSTRIALISM The Impact it had on Society Urbanization Cities in the Northeast grew
at a rapid pace. Child Labor Dangerous, degrading work. Urban Problems Housing, transportation,
health and sanitation Cities grew too fast. Severe Reductions
in Living Standards Population Increase Immigration Movement from other countries.
Mostly Europe. Social Effects of Industrialism Urbanization
Child Labor
Urban Problems
Standard of Living
Immigration Who is Jacob Riis? What did you learn this week? What is the Industrial Revolution? What impact did it have on society? Who is Jacob Riis? What Impact did it have on the environment?
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