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Six Memoerbale scenes from the Odyssey

No description

Victoria Rodriguez

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Six Memoerbale scenes from the Odyssey

Calypso has him on her island for 7 years. She is in love with Odysseus.
Odysseus and his men were in Polyphemus. Odysseus told him his name was nobody and he speared him in the eye.
Odysseus leaving Ithaca for his dangerous Journey.
Circe let Odysseus' men eat and have a place to rest, but then turned them all into pigs. (Other animals in the movie)
The land of the dead. This is were Odysseus seeks his destiny. The source of his information is Tiresias.
Six Memorable scenes from the Odyssey
Odysseus succeed and returned home. He succeed not only be physical power, but by intelligence.
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