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The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket By Yasunari Kawabat

No description

Amber Ickes

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket By Yasunari Kawabat

The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket
Yasunari Kawabata (1899-1972)
Born June 11, in Osaka, Japan
Graduated from Tokyo Imperial University in 1924
Published his first short story
Izu Dancer
in 1927
Regarded as one of the leading Japanese authors
Won Nobel Prize
Committed suicide in 1972
Narrator - unknown who it is, but can be assumed to be Kawabata himself
Fujio - the little boy who catches the cricket and gives it to Kiyoko
Kiyoko - the little girl whom the cricket is given to

Japan in the early 20th century
Paper lanterns
Time in which the author lived
"her white cotton kimono"
Courtney Edmundson & Amber Ickes
Plot Summary
The narrator is walking home from university, when he hears a bug. He follows the sound to find a group of children with their homemade lanterns. One of the boys finds a grasshopper, and asks repeatedly if anyone wants it. He stops asking when a certain little girl says she does. When the boy looks at, what the girl corrected the boy to be- the cricket, the name carved into the boys lantern "Fujio" is caste upon the girl's chest in green. Across the boy's waist, "Kiyoko" was shining in red. The narrator then relates how girls will be like the grasshopper/bellcricket to Fujio in the future.
Young Love

Red - passion
Green - life
Cricket - luck; everything good
Kiyoko - purity, innocence
Why do you think Kyoko's name is on Fujio's waist? Why is Fujio's on Kyoko's chest?

What does the author mean?
"Fujio! Even when you have become a young man, laugh with pleasure at a girl's delight when, told that it's a grasshopper, she is given a bell cricket; laugh with afection at a girl's chagrin when, told that it's a bell cricket, she is given a grasshopper.
Even if you have the wit to look by yourself in a bush away from the other children, there are not many bell crickets in the world. Probably you will find a girl like a grasshopper whom you think is a bell cricket.
And finally, to your clouded, wounded heart, even a true bell cricket will seem like a grasshopper."
by Yasunari Kawabat
Progression of Love
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