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One Direction

No description

Vicky Athanasopoulou

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of One Direction

One Direction They are One Direction and
their names are Niall,Harry,
Louis,Zayn, and Tumblr. Niall James Horan was born in
13 September 1993. He played
guitar since childhood. His parents
got divorced when he was five.
He has an older brother named
Greg and he is a really good
soccer player. Harry was born in 1 Febuary
1994.He has an older sister
Gemma and his parents divorced
when he was seven. Louis was born in 24 December
1991.He has four younger sisters
and his parents seperated in 2011. Zayn was born in 12 January
1993.He has three sisters Doniya,
Waliyha, and Safaa. Liam was born in 19 August
1993.He has two older sisters
Ruth and Nicola.He discribed
him self as "naughty boy at
school." One Direction
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