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The Acts of the Apostles

Religion Summer Work

christine ciampa

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles
Chapter 1
Jesus tells his apostles that the Holy Spirit will come to them. Jesus ascends into heaven and two angles tell the apostles that Jesus will come back to earth. Then all of the apostles and many disciples go to Jerusalem where they pray and where Matthias becomes one of the apostles to take over for Judas.
Chapter 2
The Holy Spirit comes to the apostles and other people in the temple in the symbol of fire enabling the apostles to speak in different languages. Then Peter says a speech: he tells Jews that the apostles were not drunk and he tells the Israelites that they should not have killed Jesus. Many people feel sorry so they apologize and there were three thousand more apostles.
Chapter 3
Peter and John are on their way to the temple when they see an injured man who Peter heals so he is able to walk. When the other people of the temple find out what happens, they do not believe their minds, but Peter said they should believe what they see because Jesus, the one they killed, healed the man, not Peter. Afterward Peter requests that the people apologize and become Christian.
By: Dena Ciampa
Peter when
he says
his speech
The Holy Spirit
with the apostles
Chapter 4
Peter's speech entices five thousand more people to become Christians. After the speech though, Peter and John are brought in front of the priests who tell them not to speak in Jesus Christ's name any longer or the consequences will be harsh. Peter and John go back home and after they tell all of the Christians in Jerusalem what the priests say, they pray that God and the Holy Spirit will lead them through this difficult time of faithfulness.
Five thousand Christians
Chapter 5
Ananias and his wife Sapphira sell part of their
land, but because they pretend that they gave all of the money to Peter when they did not, they are killed; they are supposed to give all of their money from the land to the apostles. The high priest puts the apostles in jail, but the angles take them out at night. Then, the apostles are brought to the Sanhedrin but are freed because a man named Gamaliel tells everyone that if the apostles are following human-made beliefs, the Christians would eventually end their religion; and, if Christianity comes from God then no one will stop it from continuing.
Coins Ananias and
Sapphira saved for
The Sanhedrin
Chapter 6
Seven holy men are chosen to keep
track of the food that is being given to the poor people. One man named Stephen is a wonderful speaker and debater who is brought to the Sanhedrin because people say he was speaking about bad things about God, which is not true. "All those who sat in the Sanhedrin looked intently at him and saw that his face was like the face of an angel." -Acts of the Apostles 6:15
Members of the
Chapter 7
Stephen tells everyone in the Sanhedrin
about God's relationship with people from Abraham to Moses. Then Stephen tells everyone there that they go against the Holy Spirit, followers of God, and God's lessons. The group gets so angry that they end up stoning and killing Stephen.

Stones that were
thrown at Stephen
The Ten Commandments, or some
of the lessons of God the people
at the Sanhedrin did not follow.
Chapter 8
Saul is injuring Christians and putting
them in jail in Judea and Samaria. Philip
goes to Samaria to teach and heal people
- he impresses people including the magician Simon. Then Philip helps a Ethiopian to understand a reading and baptizes the Ethiopian before he leaves for Azotus.
Chapter 9
Saul, who injures Christ's disciples, is blinded by Christ until Ananias, a obedient follower of Jesus, frees him. Afterward Saul spreads the Good News in Damascus and Jerusalem. Peter enables Aeneas to walk again and brings Tabitha out of her death sleep.
before & after experiencing Jesus
Chapter 10
An angel comes to Cornelius and tells him to meet with Simon Peter. Simon Peter comes and speaks about the basics of his faith. Then the Holy Spirit comes and Cornelius is baptized.
vision with
the angel
Chapter 11
Peter tells the citizens of Jerusalem that he visits
with the people who are not Jews because they are baptized by God and the Holy Spirit. Barnabas and Saul go to Antioch where they teach the people who are the initial Christians. When Agabus foresees a shortage
of food, the disciples
prepare for it.
The city of Antioch
Peter is in jail and protected by a number of soldiers, but an angel comes and shows him the way out. Herod dies because when people
say he is a god, he does
Chapter 12
Herod amongst his subjects and soldiers
not disagree with them. Barnabas and Saul go to Jerusalem with John (Mark).
Bar-Jesus does not want Sergius Palus to listen to Paul and Barnabas. Paul disables Bar-Jesus' sight for the time being and speaks about God, the Israelites, and Jesus' death and Resurrection in the temple. The next Sunday, Paul tells the Gentiles that they may be eligible for everlasting life; but, some of the rich Jews people banish Paul and Barnabas, disagreeing with their lessons.
Chapter 13
Bar-Jesus once his sight is taken away by Paul through God's power.
In Iconium, Paul and Barnabas
speak about God, but leave before
the Jewish people and others can harm them. In Lystra when Paul tells a man who is in bed to get up, he does and the people think Paul and Barnabas are immortal like the gods in Olympus. Paul and Barnabas tell everyone in Lystra God is the one who heals the man and Paul and Barnabas complete their journey
in Anticoch by speaking to the disciples there.
Chapter 14
God, through Peter,
heals the injured
man in Lystra
Chapters 15-19
Chapter 15
Some of the apostles are told that they will not have eternal life if they do not believe Mosaic. The disciples gather in Jerusalem to make a letter to Antioch which says that the Christian beliefs are not meant to bother the other religions. Once Barnabas and Paul leave Antioch,
Barnabas goes with Mark to Cyprus and
Paul goes with Silas to Syria and Cilicia.
The disciples write a
note to the people of
In Lycaonia, Timothy joins
Paul and Silas and the three of
them make their way to
Macedonia. A woman named Lydia asks to be baptized and then she invites Paul and Silas to her home. In Philipi Paul takes a bad spirit out of a girl, the girl's owners became angry because they have profites from her spirit; they put Paul
and Silas in jail, but they are
saved shortly afterward.
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

Paul is speaking in Thessalonica and earning
more members of Christianity, but the Jewish
people are upset. Therefore they create a crowd who is saying that Paul is teaching bad beliefs, so
Paul, Timothy, and Silas leave. The trio goes to
Beroea and Paul leaves once he sees that the
Thessalonica followed them there. In Athens
Paul speaks in the Areopagus about God and how
God is holy and not human.
Paul speaking to the
citizens of Athens at
the Areopagus
Paul and his new friends Aquila and Priscilla are in Corinth teaching people about Jesus and God. When the Jews bring Paul to Gallio and say that he is teaching beliefs that do not follow the nation's code of behavior, Gallio dismisses Paul as innocent.
Paul and his associates meet a man named Apollos and teach him more about God so that his speeches improve.
Chapter 18
Priscilla and
Paul goes to Ephesus to talk about God and Jesus, and after a few years, everyone in that vicinity hears Paul's news. Strong and sophisticated Jewish people try to control the bad spirits, but it does not work; Christians though, throw out all of their former magic belongings. The people of Macedonia are upset because Paul is saying that people cannot praise a hand-made god so they will not be able to make a living if no one buys their merchandise of home-made statues. Therefore, they get Paul's partners, Timothy and Erastus, but before things get too out of hand, a wise man from the town sets everyone straight and says that the arguments can be brought to court.
Chapter 19
Chapters 20-25
Chapter 20
In Troas, Eutychus falls out a window, but is able to be brought to life again. Then, in Miletus Paul speaks to the bishops of the Church and tells them that this is the final appearance of him to them because he will soon experience pain and injustice. Paul also reminds them that he has done his best to teach about God to them and everyone around him and that they must strengthen their trust in God.
Chapter 21
Paul wants to go to Jerusalem but the disciples see through the Holy Spirit not to and Agabus tells Paul that he will be hurt there; but, Paul says, "The Lord's will be done." Paul learns that the Jews think he tells people not to believe Moses, but that is not true; therefore, to further get ready to go to Jerusalem, Paul receives four traveling partners. In Jerusalem, Paul is arrested once the people are told that he teaches things opposite of their beliefs.
Chapter 22
Paul tells the crowd how he changed from a man who killed believers of God to a believer. Then Paul is taken to be questioned and he ends up going to see the Sanhedrin. Since he is a Roman citizen, he cannot be touched during his questioning.
Chapter 23
Paul speaks to the Sanhedrin, but there is a disagreement between the Pharisees and the Sadducees after Paul says he is a Pharisee. Paul's nephew hears that the Jews are going to have a surprise attack Paul if he goes back to the Sanhedrin. Therefore Paul is sent to Caesarea where he waits for the Jews to come and say why they do not like Paul.
Chapter 24
At Paul's trial, Felix, the leader of the Roman court hears that Paul has hurt Jewish teachings and only strengthened his own religion. Once Paul says he is only guilty for believing in God like many others, Felix temporarily ends the case. Paul and Felix have many talks after the court case, but when the reign passes along to the next generation, Paul is still held captive.
Chapter 25
Paul is brought to Festus, who takes over for Felix, but because Festus cannot understand all that Paul has been said to have done he plans for Paul to be shone to Ceasar. When King Agrippa comes to visit, Paul is brought to him so that the King may talk to him.
Paul with the
leaders in
Above is Agabus showing people on the street
how Paul will be tied up if he ends up going to
The Playmobil up front is an example of a commander. The commander in charge of Paul is similiar to the one shown. The commander is upset that Paul is a
citizen and is speculating what to
do next.
A picture of
Felix of
Chapter 28
The area the ship lands on is called Malta and after Paul heals many of the injured people, the local village gives Paul's group all of the supplies that they need to continue their journey. When the ship comes to Rome, Paul is able to stay with some disciples. Paul stays for two years speaking about Jesus and God to anyone who wants to know about them.
Chapters 26-28
Paul tells King Agrippa that he used to hurt people who follow Jesus, but he does not anymore. Paul says now he is at court because he believes in God and heaven. Festus at first thinks Paul is absurd, but once he and King Agrippa speak, the verdict is that Paul, "could have been set free if he had not appealed to Ceasar." -Acts
of the Apostles 26:32
Chapter 26
Paul's beliefs of
Jesus and heaven.
Chapter 27
Paul leaves for Rome, but the journey is
elongated because of the weather. One day Paul
has a dream that everyone on the ship will remain
safe, so everyone stays on board and no one leaves.
When the ship makes it to land, the two hundred
seventy-six people on board make it to the shore.

Paul's ship
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