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Final Project for Schaffer Marketing class

maggie mcintosh

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of MKTG421_MaggieMcIntosh_041910

Event design and coordination for social occassions From Weddings and other personal events To corporate social events And non-profit fundraisers Average Philadelphia Wedding is $26,451 Recession has taken a toll on the wedding market 20-40% decrease in guest lists
Budgets have shrunk an average of 30-50%
access to more info, internet-savvy
DIY very popular
trending older at marriage: 29-31, rather than 26
I can do this myself...I don't need a wedding planner CONSUMER ANALYSIS 44 3 interviews with brides Survey via Facebook -What do you tell clients you bring to the table? What is your value proposition?
-How do you handle the perception that customers can do the planning themselves?
-How has the recession impacted your business?
-How much of your business is full service planning versus limited or “day of” services?
Event Planners: Other Industry Professionals: -How many of your clients use an event planner? Are you seeing an increase or decrease in the number of clients utilizing the services of an event planner?
-What makes a good wedding planner in your opinion?
I received 17 responses:
-12 did not hire a planner at all
-2 did
-3 hired a day-of coordinator only

Of the 12 who did not hire a planner at all, 2 said cost was a top concern.
The remaining 10 said their top reason was they didn’t think it was necessary for various reasons such as:
-the small size of their wedding
-they felt comfortable with the venue’s site manager filling that role
-they had a family member/friend who could fill in

However, it’s interesting to note that every one of the 10 added that cost was a secondary factor in not hiring a planner.

Of the 5 that had a hired planner in some capacity, either full planning or day-of coordination, they all said it was a worthwhile investment. EDUCATION WEDDING 101 CLASSES Series of four classes over four consecutive weeks
Creating a Budget and Guest List
Local Wedding Venues
Key Vendors
Event Timelines

Seasoned planner Maggie McIntosh has created unique, quarterly Wedding 101 classes, which guide brides and grooms through the first steps toward planning their weddings without the cost of a full-time planner. The classes cover budget, guest lists, timetables, vendors and venues as well as help couples find their personal style before meeting with and selecting their individual vendors. The "graduates" leave with a bridal swag bag full of over $500 worth of discounts and incentives, a customized budget and a list of a our favorite vendors (including planners if you need more guidance!)

Each lunchtime class includes a catered lunch by area caterers. Each evening class includes champagne and small treats. The relaxed, group setting makes wedding planning both efficient and fun for brides and grooms.

Session 1 classes run Thursdays from noon to one while Session 2 classes are also Thursdays but conveniently held from six to seven. The cost is $200 for the four weeks of class. The classes are held right here in Chez Georgette and are currently available for booking for the month of June. Email rsvp@mmeventdesign.com or call 484.881.1988 Comments Welcome! PLEASE!! http://prezi.com http://prezi.com/search/?q=mktg421
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