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scholarship jacket

This was a project for school. We had to do a powerpoint on a literature story that persuades people to read it. I hope you like it.

elizabeth ramasute

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of scholarship jacket

Scholarship Jacket Martha wanted the scholarship jacket so bad. Every year Martha's school gives away a free jacket to the student who mantained the highest grade for five years. Her sister had won it a few years back, and she expected to win it this year. One day when Martha walks back to class to get her P.E. shorts, she overhears something. It is her teachers, Mr.Boone and Mr. Schmidt, arguing about something. "I won't lie or falsify records. Martha has a straight A-plus average and you know it."
"Look. Joann's father is not only on the Board, he owns the only store in town: we could say it was a close tie and-" Martha is upset and confused. Her grades were better than Joann's, but Mr.Boone was trying to get Mr.Schmidt to agree with him to give the scholarship jacket to Joann. Martha cannot hear the rest of the conversation. Soon afterwards her teacher, Mr.Schmidt walks out of the classroom angrily. Martha walks into the classroom quickly,avoiding eye contact with Mr.Boone. She grabs her PE shorts and exits the room. The next day Martha gets called into the office to talk with the principal. She can guess what it is all about. The scholarship jacket. Her principal tells her that this year it will cost $15. Martha's parents were poor, so she was sent to live with her grabdparents. They did not have much money either, so any school activity that costs money was out of the question. So, Martha knew her grandparents would not give her money for the jacket. Then her principal says that if she cannot pay the money, the jacket will go to the next student in line. Martha is crestfallen. She says she will ask her grandfather for the money. She will tell her principal what her grandfather says tommorrow. Martha cried all the way home. What could she possibly say to her grandparents? What happens next?!
Read the story and find out. Does Martha or Joann get the jacket? A story about what hardwork really means.
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