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intern time line

No description

David Booth

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of intern time line

Cut Purchase Orders
Site Assessment Report
Location is determined
~ 1 Year Before Ground Break
Punch Walk
~ 0 to 12 Weeks After Ground Break
Turn Over
Send Permits
Final Pay App
Field Reference Book
Apply for Food & Business Licenses
Initial Cost Projection
Request for Bid
Vendor Notification
Request for Contract, GCPO, & Send Start Up Documents
Research & Start License Applications

Receive Close Out Docs

Annual Tasks
License Renewals
Common Area Maintenance Reconciliations
Lease Renewals (approx. every 10/5 years)
Manage Occupancy Costs

Ground Break
Start Permit Research
Several Months Before Ground Break
Change Orders
Apply for Remaining Licenses
~ 4 to 8 Weeks Before Ground Break
~ 1 to 3 Months After Open
New Store Set-up
Lease Executed
Tenant Improvement Allowance
~ 2 Weeks Before Ground Break
Research & Start License Applications
Cut Purchase Orders
Ground Break
& Possession
Confirm Special Tenant Improvement Allowance Documents
Straight Line Rental Cost
Certificate of Insurance (Landlord)
Determine Rent Commencement
Sign Stipulation
Confirm Tenant Improvement Allowance Amounts
Finance Entry Level Timeline
David Booth, Katelyn Deane, and Nick Miller

Send Pay App
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