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The art of public speech

No description

Naseem Rosa

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of The art of public speech

The Art of public speaking

Presented by:
Naseem Radman Choose a Type of Speech Writing your speech The art of public speaking Choose a Topic -Brainstorm with family and friends
-Search the Internet for ideas
-Scan newspapers, magazines, & books

-Choose a topic of interest to you
-Choose a topic that your audience will enjoy *Persuasive


*Entertaining *Introduction

**What is the main point, central idea, or thesis statement of your speech The Introduction of a Speech The Body of a Speech Create an Outline of Your Speech The Conclusion of a Speech Practice Your Speech Presenting Your Speech The art of public speech -Establish the main points
-Support each point
-Provide examples
-provide a quotation, example
, or story?
-Think about effective
transitions from one point
to the next - Tell a story
- Give a quotation
- Ask a question
-Give a surprising or shocking fact or statistic
- Use humor -Make your main points
-Support your main points with
examples, explanations, stories, quotations (give sources) -Summarize your main points
- Restate your thesis statement
- Challenge your audience to
take action -Deliver your speech.
-Practice breathing
-Practice controlling the speed
of your words.
-Which words will you
-pronunciation of words -Walk calmly and confidently
-Establish eye contact-Project your voice
-Pause for effect
-Avoid “fillers”
-Keep movement to
a minimum I don’t worry about being perfect, because I don’t think I need to be perfect.”
Said Shapira.
Global Public Speaking
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