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Black History Project

No description

Payton Mackenzie

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Black History Project

Black History Month
Theodore Shields Williams
Theodore was born June 2, 1911 in Kansas City, Kansas
He died in the 1900's somewhere in Kansas
He was a veterinarian
Theodore Williams earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University in 1935 and a Master of Science in 1946 from Iowa State University
Dr. Williams served as a College Veterinarian for Prairie View State College in 1936
He was appointed head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee Institute, from 1945-1951, and Dean, between 1947 to 1972
Charles Henry Turner
Charles Henry Turner was born February 3, 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio
He died on February 14, 1923 in Chicago, Illinios
He studied zoology
He was the first African American to receive a Ph.D in zoology from the University of Chicago, and the first person to discover that insects can hear and alter behavior based on previous experience
His father worked as a custodian
His mother was a practical nurse
Mary Styles Harris
Mary Styles Harris was born June 26, 1949 in Nashville, Tennessee
She is still alive today (64 years old)
She is a biologist and a geneticist
She earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Biology from Lincoln University in 1971 and earned a Ph.D in Genetics from Cornell University in 1975
Dr. Harris served as a postdoctoral position at the Rutgers Medical School 1976-1977
James Summer Lee
James Summer Lee was born December 7, 1903 in Lancaster, South Carolina
His death date has not been found yet
He was a bacteriologist
He received a Bachelor's of Science from Lincoln University in 1927 and a Master of Science from the University of Michigan in 1934
He earned a Doctorate in Science from the University of Michigan in 1938
James Tilman
James Tilman was born July 31, 1934 in Guthrie, Oklahoma
He is still alive today
He is a meterologists and a pilot
He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Lincoln University
He also took engineering courses at Lincoln University
A time to contemplate...
A time to celebrate...
A time to rededicate ourselves to the task at hand...

Theodore Shields Williams (continue)
Williams served as a Professor of Pathology and Parasitology for the School of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee, Alabama, from 1945 until his retirement in 1981
Charles Henry Turner (continue)
Turner excelled at his studies, graduating from Gaines High School in 1886 as a class valedictorian
He enrolled at the University of Cincinnati and later married Leontine Troy and had two sons, Henry and Darwin
His wife died in 1895
He graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1891 and earned a master's degree from the University of Cincinnati the following year
James Summer Lee (continue)
Lee was appointed a Professor of Biology from Shaw University from 1930 to 1937
He was made Professor and Head of the Department of Bacteriology at North Carolina College, Durham, North Carolina in 1938
There are no pictures of is person
Mary Styles Harris (continue)
From 1880-1881, Dr. Harris was appointed Assistant Professor of Biology for Atlanta University
She served as Department of Human Resources
Dr. Harris is president and genetics consultant for her company, Harris & Associates, Ltd, Atlanta, Georgia
James Tilmon (continue)
He worked for eight years with the army corps of engineers
Later he became a pilot for American Airlines
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