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CTFF II presentation

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Keith Symington

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of CTFF II presentation

Bula Vinaka!
Coral Triangle Fishers Forum II
Suva, Fiji
June 18-20, 2012
WWF Coral Triangle Programme
WWF global initiative to help deliver on the Coral Triangle Initiative Regional Plan of Action
Fisheries in Transition (FIT)
Fisheries best practices
Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs)
Promote MSC certification
Seafood Savers (B2B)
Business Forum
Science Advisory
CTFF - what is it?
- Inspired by IFF
- Consensus-based body...inform ongoing CTFF advocacy
- Peer-to-peer solutions
- New ideas, innovation
- Scaling up / New partnerships
- Bring recommendations to bear (to decision-makers)

- Biennial meetings
- Monitoring progress re: commitments, pledges, collaborative projects / CTFF web portal
CTFF 2010
Major Outcomes:
- Consensus recommendations on bycatch best practices
- Supported by over a dozen fishing companies, associations, suppliers and retailers
- Bycatch "transition plan" (longlines)...some new policy measures with national governments
- Fed into RFMO bycatch advocacy (bycatch CMMs)
- New partnerships / FIPs
CTFF II - "IUU and Traceability"
Case studies and lessons learned:
- paint the broad picture
- then what can be linked to traceability?
Focus on tangible outcomes related to the role of traceability in addressing IUU
1. Action Plan
2. Call to Action

Follow Up:
1. CTFF Roadmap
2. CTFF support function
How can fisherfolks and other stakeholders plug in to IUU programs?
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