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Lesson 5: Sisterhood

No description

Delta Zeta

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 5: Sisterhood

What is Delta Zeta Sisterhood?
Sisterhood is a special bond between women who choose to pledge a sorority, as you have chosen to pledge yourself to Delta Zeta.
Delta Zeta is for a lifetime. You are forever a Delta Zeta. When a women is initiated into Delta Zeta, she takes an oath of lifetime loyalty and pledges her continued support to and for the Sorority, thus her 'lifetime commitment'.
Who are we today?
Delta Zeta Sorority is a national organization with over 250,000 members. There are 165 college chapters throughout the USA and Canada and over 200 alumnae chapters and associations.
As a member of Delta Zeta, you will share with sisters everywhere a host of customs and tradition.
What makes us sisters?
Friendship is a staple of life. With friendships, we connect with others and receive that internal strength so necessary for our personal growth.
Delta Zeta is based upon friendships.
Our shared ritual makes us sisters. We have all experienced the same Delta Zeta ceremonies, heard the same words and learned the same symbolism. This is the thread that keeps us together.
What does Delta Zeta expect from me as a sister?
There are many different levels of participation and you have a part to play in the chapter.
Each member is special. New members should learn to respect each sister as an individual and always treat them with compassion, loyalty and as they themselves would want to be treated. Support members at chapter meetings, functions, university events and personal endeavors. You show respect in how you talk, behave and support each other.
Delta Zeta is only what you make it.
Initiation requirement
The New Member Education period continues until the new member has satisfied all local Panhellenic and National Panhellenic Conference requirements for initiation and any additional obligations adopted by Delta Zeta or until her pledgeship has been broken for cause and her new member pin returned to chapter.
New members are subject to the same requirements for good standing as the initiated members.
Big Sisters
One of the closest bonds formed in Delta Zeta will be with your Big Sister.
Bigs become a guide during your first months experiencing Delta Zeta as well as remaining a very special person throughout your life.
Family tree

Sisterhood Retreats
A retreat is a planned activity which incorporates learning and sharing and strengthens your sisterhood.
The retreat provides an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on your chapter experience and provides energy and enthusiasm for your new Delta Zeta life.
The New Member retreat will be November 5th-6th :)
As a new member, you will participate in a Lamplighting ceremony prior to your initiation. Lamplighting is an inspirational time and can be one of your most memorable experiences in Delta Zeta as you move toward fully understanding the Sorority.
The goal is to create a longlasting sisterhood. Delta Zeta's emphasis on friendship- service and scholarships allows you to grow as an individual. Participate participate participate!
The Road Ahead to Sisterhood
From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it
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