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IECA Part II Social Media Presentation

Step by step tips on starting or improving a school's marketing efforts using social media.

Jonathan Moser

on 1 July 2010

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Transcript of IECA Part II Social Media Presentation

Social Media and Your School Social Media:
The Basics Where the users
control the content. Personal Profile... or Group... or a Page. Know Your School Mission
Existing Social Media Presence And, push to school's website,
because social media can't really... enroll students
fundraise (well)
share private information Good luck on the journey ahead! Lorrie Jackson
lorrieJ (Twitter)
Lorrie Jackson (Linkedin)
lorriejackson@gmail.com Why market with social media? impact is immediate
influences buying decisions "Some of the strongest eyewitness accounts of the earthquake and the tsunami were captured by users of the net and shared through Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. In these times, when there are serious problems with public order in some of the cities in central Chile, Chileans are using social media to alert one another of looting in supermarkets, stores, and individual houses." -http://blog.foreignpolicy.com Two Last Tips... Acceptable Usage Policy Classroom use
Friending policies
Subordinate-supervisor friending
Friends of friends
Group affiliations
Posted content
Privacy Settings
Time on social sites
Online affiliation with school
Confidential information
Use of school logos First, cautionary tales. About Facebook 400 million users
55 minutes per day average
start/end day
Average age: 38 What's Facebook Good For? reconnecting with alumni
fundraising awareness (caution)
all constituents aged 13+ Messaging Link to finalsite News Manager (RSS Feed) or Twitter to auto-load content
Add directed questions to encourage conversations
Keep tone informal and fun
Think multimedia Next...Twitter
Who's Twitter For? Parents/Alumni
Community-at-large Messaging on Twitter Customer Service/Brand Evangelism
Hyperlink everything!
News but not just news
Window into daily life
Not a dialogue like Facebook Linkedin If Facebook's the Quad,
then Linkedin's the Rolodex. -unknown 60 million users
Average age = 44
Average household income = $108,000 STATS Networking - sharing information, building relationships, offering support. not just about finding a job. Use for professional growth and school marketing. Web 2.0 on your website What's Linkedin Good for? real value for alumni/parents
professional growth for faculty/staff No chit-chat
Always be professional
Ask questions, share resources Messaging STATS 50 million tweets daily
75 million users in January
Average age 39 YouTube/Vimeo Stats Second largest search engine
Every minute, 20 hrs of new video
Evenly divided among age groups
50% go there weekly Good for 3-4 minute slices of life, recruitment or retention pieces. Plan Your Campaign First, Facebook 28% of Holiday Shoppers Used Social Media 13% - consumer review
11% - expert review
7% - Facebook fan page by corporation
6% - friend’s FB status update
5% online video
5% tweet by company
3% tweet by friend
2% other

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