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Title: Losers take all

No description

Beatrice Jaimes-H

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Title: Losers take all

About the Author:
Title: Losers take all
By: David Klass

Not very athletic, skinny, tall, senior
Beautiful, with long hair, senior
Football coach/pricipal, fat bald head
Jack's father
Most famous football athlete known from Jack's school, strong, big muscles
In this book Jack is the son of a well known football player that graduated from Jack's same high school. Jack is a senior and their new principal, which is a football coach, requires all seniors to play a sport. Jack and his friends are not very athletic and don't know what to do. They all decided that they should start a C-Team and the principal approves. This team would be like JV soccer. They decided that in this team they would not try and would loose all games. Well on their first game they did terrible and Jack was the only one to score. The principal gets furious and yells at the team on the bus, and he tells them that they didn't know how to do anything. Someone records the whole thing and uploads it. He. tries to shut the soccer team down but the school board does not let him. Over 1 million people saw the video and they started admiring the team. They start calling them the "Losers." And at their next game the soccer game was packed. People traveled a long ways just to see the "Losers" play.
Fremont High School
David Klass was born in Vremont
He is an American screenwriter and novelist
He has published 14 young adult novels
He taught english in Japan
Has 2 children
One major theme is that you should not force anyone to do something they don't want because you won't like the outcome
In this story the principal, Muhldinger, forces the seniors to play a sport and they rebel by starting the soccer team and Muhldinger hates it
One of the themes of this book is that Jack's father wants him to play a sport just like he and his brothers did but Jack hates the coach and football
Another problem is that when they start the soccer team they attract too many people/fans and things start to get out of control, some start to protest in the middle of the games, and they don't know what to do
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