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Should we grow and eat genetically modified foods

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Lauren Smith

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Should we grow and eat genetically modified foods

Should we grow and eat genetically engineered food?
In conclusion I think that we should and shouldn't eat and grow genetically modified food. I think we should because we wouldn't throw away as much food because food would last longer and it wouldn't go out of date. I also think we shouldn't because we don't the long term effects. We also don't know the harm of the diseases which we could get. So I am a bit inconclusive on should we grow and eat genetically modified foods.
The advantages
They grow in any weather
They don't bruise as quickly or like any other foods
The quality of the foods will be better than normal foods
They might or will grow quicker than other food

The disadvantages
Those that have dietary requirements won't be able to eat the foods
The DNA that gets put in the food is expensive
The foods can harm the human body
The long time affects are not yet known
My Conclusion
Genetically modified (GM) are foods,that are produced from genetically modified organisms. Scientists inject DNA from another plant or seed in to the food.

What is genetically engineered food?
Source = on line dictionary.
Source = another prezi presentation
source = a prezi presentation
The advantages looked closer
If the food that is modified can now grow anywhere in any condition then people will find it easier to grow foods in this country.
If the foods don't bruise like other foods then people wont have to throw foods away like they do because they are all mouldy and bruised.
The quality of the foods may well be better than other foods which means that the foods wont go out of date as quickly.
Examples of Genetically Modified foods
Sweet corn
Normal corn
Some peas
Vegetable oil
Dairy products
The disadvantages looked closer
Given that some foods are modified using bacteria and viruses. Scientists are now fearing that we will see a lot of new diseases occurring. The threat to human health is a worrisome aspect of Genetically Modified technology and one that has received a great deal of debate (argument).
Source = a fact sheet on pros and cons
Source = food list of genetically modified foods

Source = made it up using what I know
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