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Fifth-Grade At Lean

No description

jay holtvluwer

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Fifth-Grade At Lean

I am very excited to be working with your student this year at Lean. Your child will work hard, and learn a great deal as well. I fully expect them to be ready for the challenges of Middle School at the end of this year.
Fifth-Grade At Lean
What can I expect to see my child doing this year?
Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science,
Social Studies, and Technology
Who is Mr. Holtvluwer?
Contacting Me
Expectations Of Students and Parents
Agendas and Progress Reports
Individualization - Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math
Weekly Progress Reports
Phone: 586.574.3230
Web Page: under construction
but will be on Lean's homepage (www.wcskids.net/lean), under classroom webpages tab (on left side of page).
Email: jholtvlu@wcskids.net
Through Parent Portal
emails sent home
Students can access
Parents can access
Homework - expectations and consequences PBIS
Attendance and Effort
Questions are Good!
Various methods and materials are used
Grading Scale - What does it mean?
Reading Buddies?
Writing/Reading Journals
Electronic Devices in School
School Policy ?!?!
What does it mean to you and your student?
Parent Responsibilities
Check agenda EVERY night!
Homework - Check EVERY day!
Review returned work!
Make sure student has adequate rest
Contact me if you or your student needs additional help with their school-work.
Class trip?
M-Step? IOWA?
Updated nearly every day
Phone calls and personal notes
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