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Image #1: Social Contribution to the Inca Empire

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Wendy Evans

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Image #1: Social Contribution to the Inca Empire

Image #2: Political Contribution to the Inca Empire
The Sapa Inca owned everything. Men, instead of paying taxes gave time. This donated time was used to build an excellent road system that passed all over the Incan Empire.
Image #3: Religious Contribution to the Inca Empire
Sapa Inca was said to be the son of the sun. The Incas believed in many gods whom were all related to something in nature. The Inca sacrificed lamas. Human sacrifice was almost unknown to the Incas unless in a times of need.
Image #1: Social Contribution to the Inca Empire
This is an image of a pyramid showing the social structure of the Inca Empire. The Sapa Inca is the emperor and the religious leader who has divine power. The royal family is his wife (the coya) and his immediate family. The Nobility is Sapa Incas distant relatives. The ayllu were the common people of the Ancient Inca.
Image #5: Technological Contribution
The Incas used terraces to plant crops on their very mountainous terrain. The terraces protected the mountain erosion. They were master craftsmen that built stone buildings with no mortar! Some of which are still standing today.
Image #4: Intellectual Contribution to the Inca Empire
The quipiu was a bunch of colored strands that had knots placed a certain distances to show certain numbers. Inca messengers also used them to take to the emperor. Only certain people can read there message.
Image #6: Economical Contribution
The people traded within the empire. There was little to no trading around the tribes though. The Emperor owns everything. Taxes were paid through time labor.
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