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Orecomms Staff Induction


Tatiana Dupuy

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Orecomms Staff Induction

EPC’s, mining companies, major engineering firms, consulting partners Who we work with We deliver end to end next
generation communication
solutions through our
3C (4C extended)
Architecture OreComms is the
emerging EPCM
carrier for mining communications Oct 2012 “The Next Generation in Mining Communications” Staff Induction General Administration Login information You will receive an email address and password via your personal email account
Must login using Firefox or Chrome Main Systems Email
PROJECTS Document Management

[insert your name]
[insert your position title]
[insert company name – OreComms]
E: [insert your email address]
P: [insert your office phone number]
W: www.orecomms.com
Insert OreComms Disclaimer at the bottom – located in DMS – Administration – Form Template All of these documents can be found in the DMS – Employee Information folder
Payroll – schedule is fortnightly “The Next Generation in Mining Communications” Human Resources
At OreComms, we are committed to ensuring a safe and friendly workplace that is free from workplace harassment.
Workplace harassment will be taken seriously, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Equal Opportunity Workplace Harassment At OreComms we actively support the Australian Legislation safeguards for equal opportunity for individuals in the workplace.
Please refer to our
Equal Opportunity Policy for further details POLICIES Please make yourself familiar with the Key Workplace Policies Company Values Code of Conduct
Disciplinary Action Policy Environmental Policy Building Evacuation Procedure General Administration Kitchen facilities include a fridge, coffee machine and microwave
Please wash up, dry and put away all dirty cutlery and crockery after use
It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the kitchen and toilet areas tidy Kitchen Printing and Faxing One printer can scan, copy and print
For printer access – Install software via CD for black and white and colour printer Assembly Area 5 4 3 2 1 Exit 5 4 Kitchen Toilets 3 Meeting
Room 2 Printer 1 “The Next Generation in Mining Communications” Office Layout Our Policy is: ‘To minimise our environmental footprint by working with staff, partners and other stakeholders through pollution preventative practices in compliance with applicable legal and other requirements and be a role model for others to follow.” “The Next Generation in Mining Communications” Our Company What we value ? Important information You will need to create an email signature.
Please use the standard below – font is Arial 11 Our Environmentally friendly work practices:

Recycle bins within the office;
Print Toner recycling;
Turn off lights when not in offices;
Power saving on all electrical devices;
Long life bulbs on all fittings;
Electronic review rather than print copies. Environmental Management Questions Safe and Environmentally friendly solutions Teamwork, the way to achieve solutions our customers value Recognise, reward and respect for all employees Innovate, create and deliver; OreComms distinct business advantage
Versatile, agile and niche; the OreComms culture in practice Excellence in all that we do Employee Contract – read and sign

Intellectual Property Agreement – read and sign

Non Disclosure Agreement – read and sign National Employment Standards - Fairwork

Information Statement (read)

HR form – Employee Details (fill in) Acceptable Use Policy – read and sign

Tax Declaration form

HR Manual (under review)
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