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Copy of Elementary Art First Day of Class

Rules & Procedures for the first day of art class, grades K-5

Nicholas Velten Lara

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Elementary Art First Day of Class


When we are in this room, the rest of the
school´s rush is not here... this is can be one place where you can really shine!
Be present; enjoy creating! No answer to a problem is wrong. Be yourself, and be OPEN to creative possibilities!

Art Room Class Rules
is the number one rule in the art room. You must respect the teacher, your peers, the materials and the room. Use a respectful, indoor voice.
You can
when you leave and erase it when you return. I like to have a visual of who is out of the room at all times!
Follow school rules:
Food and
cell phones stay out
of the art room.
What do I expect from YOU?
Always try to
do your BEST work
Think creatively!
Do your BEST!
I will never ask you do to anything that you “can’t” do.
I CAN’T= I Completely Admit I’m Not Trying.
Never compare your work to someone else. That person isn't YOU.
Speak in
When Class Starts...
Use the restroom before class. You will have to wait if you ask me.

Be on TIME!

We'll get water at the END of class.

Enter like a ninja!
You do NOT get extra paper if you make a mistake! I expect you to use the sheet you are given. An artist is a problem solver! How can you fix it?
Place your finished work in the bin.
If you are using paint or glue, put your work to dry on the long tables in the back.
Put away your supplies and clean up your table.
Read,write, free draw or be a helper until it's time to go. Do not disturb others who are still working.
Now what?
Last 5 Minutes
Everyone should work together to clean up the room.
All tables and floors should be empty when you leave.
Remember to push your chairs under the table.
Have a great year!

Ms. Tracy
Raise your hand
if you need to speak! NO talking while the teacher is talking.
never touch
other people´s artwork.
Do not touch anything on the tables until you are given permission:
I am very glad you’re here!
CHECK the criteria

for this project...Have you done everything? Make sure your name is on the front of your paper
1. Warning on the blackboard
2. Move to another seat
3. Referral to the Principal

Don't Get Into Trouble!
Earn points for good behavior:
1. Enter quietly
2. Listen to directions
3. Work hard
4. Quiet classroom
5. Good job cleaning up
Erase it!
Flip it over!
Make it something new!
An alarm will go off!!!
Not ripped, folded, hurried or messy look.
No empty areas. Have complete color, and all required elements.
Not copied, BONUS for uniqueness.
Following directions:
Going step by step, not skipping steps.
Were you helpful or did your behavior keep others from success?

Your grade is based on the PROCESS rather than the product.
40% Artwork
25% Behavior & effort
15% Use and Care of materials
10% Attendance
10% Sketchbook

with Ms. Tracy
Grading Criteria
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